Nov 20, 2009
by WLJ


Angus breeders can now gain inside information from the first breed-specific DNA profile

Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) is now accepting DNA samples for analysis with the industry’s first breed-specific DNA profile from IGENITY. Angus breeders are one step closer to putting the power of DNA to work in combination with expected progeny differences (EPDs) by using the first genomic-enhanced EPDs available for multiple traits.

“We are pleased to offer Angus breeders the opportunity to apply the next great advancement in cattle breeding and genetics,” says Bill Bowman, chief operating officer, AGI. “The combination of DNA technology from IGENITY with the Angus National Cattle Evaluation results in more predictable EPDs, which Angus breeders and their commercial customers can use to help make more confident decisions and faster genetic progress.” Producers will receive genomic-enhanced EPDs as well as scores from IGEN- ITY for 14 economically important traits.

“The ability to evaluate cattle using EPDs with improved accuracies helps producers minimize some of the risk that comes with using young sires or selecting replacement heifers,” Bowman says. “Now producers can more confidently evaluate young cattle for economically important traits, such as marbling and feed efficiency, to help ensure they are pointing their herd in the right direction.”

Dr. Stewart Bauck, executive director of research and development, IGENITY, says IGENITY offers analyses for multiple economically important traits; however, not all of those traits are currently available as EPDs.

“Therefore, in addition to genomic-enhanced EPDs, producers will receive scores from IGENITY,” he says. “Producers also will have the option to evaluate cattle for genetic abnormalities and test for persistent infections of the bovine viral diarrhea virus—all from a single DNA sample.”

To get started, producers can order sample collection kits from AGI by visiting All DNA sample types—blood, hair, tissue or semen—will be accepted; however, blood samples on FTA cards are preferred. Samples should be mailed to AGI and results will be returned via the customer log-in function on

“Genomic-enhanced EPDs will be returned to producers three to four weeks after samples are received,” Bowman says. “This information will be available in time for producers to make final replacement heifer selection decisions and provide genomic-enhanced EPDs at spring production sales.”

Bauck says IGENITY is pleased to work with AGI and the American Angus Association (AAA) to make genomicenhanced EPDs a possibility for Angus breeders.

“IGENITY is committed to providing producers the most user-friendly and convenient options to applying the power of DNA,” he says. “Genomic-enhanced EPDs were the next advancement in the application of DNA technology, and now thanks to the commitment of AGI and AAA, it has become a reality for Angus breeders.”

In addition to working with AGI to provide genomicenhanced EPDs for Angus producers, IGENITY offers analyses for more than 15 economically important traits and seven genetic abnormalities producers can use to make morep confident selection, management and marketing decisions. IGENITY also offers user-friendly information management software and expert consultation to help producers customize this advanced information to their individual herd goals.

For more information about IGENITY, contact your IG- ENITY sales representative, call 877/ 443-6489, or visit For more information about the genomicenhanced EPDs available from AGI, contact your Angus regional manager or call 816/383-5100. — WLJ