Nov 6, 2009
by WLJ


MGA supplemental label leads to increased flexibility

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine recently granted a supplemental label for MGA® 200 (melengestrol acetate) Premix and MGA® 500 Liquid Premix to be fed at a higher level with Rumensin® (monensin). The new label approval allows for MGA to be fed with Rumensin at a maximum rate of 0.5 mg/head/day with the maximum daily rate of Rumensin at 480 mg/head/ day in Type C final mixed rations. At this time, this new higher level combination approval is not approved to be used in Type B supplement dry or liquid feeds.

The previous combination label allowed a maximum daily rate of 0.4 mg/head/day of MGA with a maximum amount of Rumensin set at 360 mg/head/day. The new combination approval provides nutritionists and cattle feeders with increased flexibility in designing heifer feeding programs. MGA is used as a heifer management tool by reducing estrus incidence and improving animal productivity.

MGA 200 and MGA 500 are the only melengestrol acetate products approved to be fed with the higher level of Rumensin. For more information, contact your local Pfizer Animal Health representative or animal health supplier. — WLJ