Oct 30, 2009
by WLJ
Keeping the light on

I just finished reading John Robinson’s article on the BLM [Bureau of Land Management] wild horse program [dated] 10/12. That was like getting hit with a hot shot. I then opened the front page to read my favorite column, “Comments,” and another article by John Robinson on world food production, the second jolt from a hot shot.

Those were both great articles and something we need to hear more about in other publications. The government’s tank of common sense seems to be running on empty. One doesn’t have to look too far into the future to see that humans will soon be headed down the same trail of starvation as these horses.

Let’s stop and look at the horse situation from a different viewpoint. People are hungry and out of work. Why not sell tags and have a season. People would buy a tag, not unlike deer, elk, pigs or bears. They can harvest a nice animal and stock the freezer.

The people of America have a preconceived notion in their heads that the horse is sacred like a cow in India. Trust me, the Indians ate horses as do the people in China, Asia and Europe. We are the ones that are backward.

If people bought tags, the money could go to support the captives instead of tax dollars. The program could work like bear season or the new wolf hunting program. Sell 10 or 20 thousand tags and cut it off when x number of animals are harvested. The wolf program sold a lot of tags and then pulled the rug out from under the hunters. How chicken #%*# is this government move?

We all know when working ranch people read these stories the ol’ blood pressure goes through the roof and you are cussing under your breath. There is no common sense in government; it is all emotion.

The horses are degrading the range from the Sierras to Montana and the officials seem to be willing to accept this. You don’t take a shower with the drain plugged very long before you have to take some strong action.

If President Obama would like to name me as the horse czar, I think I could have this situation under control in a few weeks. We need more people in government that went to the school of hard knocks instead of some of these radical colleges. Believe me, I’ve been through more knocks than books, but I think I’m a dying breed.  Tim Cook, Petrolia, CA

P.S. I know you won’t publish this letter, but this is what the average downhome rancher reads and then says “finally, somebody’s got it figured out.”

We run a ranch in [northern] California and as such are insulated from most city and world problems. Thank you, WLJ, for keeping the light on.