Durheims awarded Red Angus Commercial Producer of the Year

Oct 23, 2009
by WLJ

The Red Angus Association of America bestowed the 2009 Commercial Producer of the Year Award to Bruce and Lynette Durheim of Ellendale, ND, at the National Red Angus Convention in Mahnomen, MN, Sept. 16-19.

After sampling a number of different breeds, Durheims began using Red Angus in the early ’90s in an attempt to build a cowherd that was well adapted to their northern environment while still producing a premium end product.

Durheims run over 300 Red Angus-Simmental-cross cows on their ranch located one mile into South Dakota. They have developed their rangeland to a carrying capacity of one animal unit per seven to eight acres. Through extensive A.I., they strive to produce a three-quarter Red Angus, one-quarter Simmental based cowherd.

While their cowherd is the foundation of their program, they are better known for winning the coveted Red Angus GridMaster Award five times by enrolling their steers in the Feeder Calf Certification Program and exceeding the GridMaster requirements. The Grid Score balances high percentages of Premium Products, Yield Grade 1s and 2s and USDA Choice-Grade cattle with minimal percentages of Yield Grade 4s.

“It has been a true privilege to not only have a business relationship with this program, but to call Durheims great friends,” said seedstock supplier Melvin Leland of Sidney, MT, who presented the award. “They have a real passion for raising the highest quality livestock possible.”

Durheims keep a close eye on the numbers and they know where the profitability lies on a pen of cattle. They are always willing to share information on their cattle’s feed efficiency and carcass data.

“Bruce and Lynette have been great friends of Red Angus and they are a solid testimonial why Red Angus is truly the common denominator in successful crossbreeding programs,” concluded Leland. — WLJ