SALE reports

Sale Reports
Oct 2, 2009
by WLJ

FIVE STAR LAND AND LIVESTOCK Sept. 20, Wilton, CA Auctioneer: John Rodgers Sale Manager:

Matt Macfarlane Marketing 52 Angus bulls . . . . . . . . . $3,033

There was a nice crowd of mostly repeat buyers to bid on this reputation set of Angus bulls. The sale didn’t take long and there was great demand for these bulls. Mark and Abby Nelson should be commended for the presentation of the cattle and their exceptional hospitality. TOPS: Five Star 4098 Ambush 8045, 4/29/08, by Five Star 0014 Ambush 3060; to Duane Martin Livestock, Acampo, CA, $5,900. Five Star 5067 Total 8052, 5/3/08, by TC Total 410; to Hayes Bros., Lompoc, CA, $5,800. Five Star 1023 Alliance 8024, 4/7/08, by HA Power Alliance 1025, to Hayes Bros., Lompoc, CA, $5,700. Five Star 0014 Total 8090, 9/3/08, by TC Total 410; to Running W Land and Livestock, Rocklin, CA, $4,600. Five Star 1014M Ambush 8036, 4/1/08, by Five Star 0014 Ambush 3060; to John Bourdet, Hollister, CA, $4,400. Five Star 6092 Design 8076, 8/16/08, by Connealy All Around; to Running W Land and Livestock, Rocklin, CA, $4,300. — PETE CROW

NORTH COUNTY QUARTER HORSE ANNUAL PRODUCTION SALE Sept. 12, Big Sandy, MT 5 Broke geldings . . . . . . . . $2,940

29 Foals. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 300 Auctioneer: Shane Ophus

Fred and Linda Finke, North Country Quarter Horses, offered the best set of ranch-using geldings and group of weanling foals ever in this year’s sale. This program offers popular sought-after breeding with soundness and good feet, legs and structure. The geldings brought steady, strong demand, but the buyers also had lots of opportunities on the classy, balanced foals. TOPS—Geldings: Lazers Arrow Lad, buckskin, 2005, by Go Lazer Moon x Larsanna Jet; to Bill and Judy Johnson, Big Sandy, MT, $4,000. Snuffs Shadow, 2005, gray, by TC Dustin Tyler Too x Vessels Man; to Robert Henderson, Geraldine, MT, $3,650. LF Golden Sugar Bars, 2005, sorrel, by Golden Dually x Docs Sug; to Chris Dickhans, Geraldine, MT, $2,900. Foals: LF Double Sun Frost, 2009, palomino filly by Frenchmans Fast Cash x Frenchmans Mr Tuff; to Elmer Nettleton, Helena, MT, $900. LF Dashing Tivio, 2009, buckskin stallion, by Frenchmans Fast Cash x Watch Joe Gamble; to Dwayne Buck, Harlem, MT, $550. — JERRY GLIKO

BAKER HEREFORD’S BROOD COW SPECTACULAR SALE PLUS GUEST CONSIGNMENTS FROM JBN LIVESTOCK Sept. 26, Rapid City , SD 103 Spring bred cows $2,790 13 Fall calving cows 2,554 30 Heifer calves 1,332 11 Bred heifers 1,691

1 Herd bull 11,500 Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell For 63 years, Baker Herefords has been dedicated to breed and beef improvement. This offering represented cows from the hearts of the Baker Hereford Ranch and JBN Livestock herds, hard-working and productive 3- to 4-year-olds, many of which have produced multiple herd bulls. A good crowd was at hand and active with volume buying at steady prices. Cattle sold into 15 states. Marvin Fisher of Iowa was the volume buyer.

TOPS—Herd sire: CL1 Domino 417P, a 2004 son of CL Domino 212M; to Charles Ellis, Ethelsville, AL, 1/2 interest and full possession, $11,500. Cows: Montana Miss 494P ET, 2/12/04, daughter of JH Mark 9454 ET, bred to KB L1 Domino 641; to Loehr Herefords Farms, Peoria, IL, and Upstream Ranch, Taylor, NE, $12,000. Montana Miss 310, 1/17/03, daughter of CL1 Domino 484, bred to HH Advance 6001S; to Stutheit Herefords and Gregory Cattle Co., Nebraska, $7,000. KB Dominette 353 N E T, 2/1/03, daughter of JD Big Arthur 180, bred to HH Advance 6001S; to Reyes aand Jarman, Ellingsburg, WA, $5,500. Montana Miss 625, 1/18/09, daughter of CL1 Domino 9126 J ET, bred to HH Advance 6001S; to B & D Herefords, Clafin, KS, $5,000.

Heifer calf: Lot 26A, 1/20/09, daughter of KB L1 Domino 655 ET; to Bruce Anderson, Valley, City, ND, $4,200. — JIM GIES