GLCI conference in Reno, Dec. 13-16

Sep 4, 2009
by WLJ
GLCI conference in Reno, Dec. 13-16

The Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI) and the Society for Range Management are set to cohost the Fourth National Conference on Grazing Lands in Reno, NV, Dec. 13-16, 2009. The conference, which is held every three years, exists to encourage more technical assistance for the nation’s grazing lands and to promote grazing lands research and education.

One of the highlights of the conference is the inclusion of actual producers on the program. In fact, typically, 50 percent of speaker presentations during the three-day event come from successful producers.

With grazing lands making up between two-thirds and three-fourths of the national land base, the environmental and economic implications— and wise management of these lands—cannot be ignored.

Increasingly, such a dialogue is important not only for the continued viability of ranchers but also for the well being of watersheds and communities that rely on these lands for hunting, open space, groundwater recharge, hiking, habitat for both common and endangered species of plants and wildlife, recreational op portunities, carbon sequestration and energy collection.

The conference in Reno will focus on four general topic areas: western grazing issues, as well as eastern, Midwestern and dairy grazing issues.

Some of the topics to be highlighted include the value of rotational grazing and of riparian habitat, carbon sequestration, and flexibility within grazing systems.

Conference, hotel information and registration forms as well as exhibitor opportunities are posted at www.glci. org. Early bird registration is available through Oct. 15, 2009. — WLJ