Aug 28, 2009
by WLJ


New Holland BR7090

New Holland’s new BR7090 Roll-Belt Specialty Crop Configuration round baler is designed for higher performance and durability in crop conditions that can challenge other balers. This baler features crop-specific technology that improves feeding and produces well-formed bales in cornstalks, as well as normal hay and straw crops.

Compared to conventional four-bar pickups, the five-bar XtraSweep™ 2.07m pickup is more durable when baling cornstalks, and provides more consistent feeding in specialty and lighter crops. Tough, reinforced rubber-mounted tines ensure reliable performance in heavy crops by improving crop gathering capability. Because they are flexible, the tines resist bending and breaking and retain their fork design longer.

When baling cornstalks, pick-up flares boost feeding and reduce plugging. An adjustable, easy-to-remove, two-piece wind guard improves feeding by reducing plugging in short crops while increasing capacity in big windrows. Any plugged residue can be cleaned out easily. Fingers on the baler’s external expeller roll remove debris that builds up inside the belts.

Bale formation in all crops is also improved by front belt guides, which ensure proper belt tracking and increase belt life. — WLJ