VIDEO auction

May 29, 2009
by WLJ
VIDEO auction

Angus, Hysham, MT, $115.00, May 22, Fort Worth, TX November delivery. 550 lbs, Select Cattle producers from 18 states VAC 24, Charolais-cross steer consigned over 38,000 head of calves, Crews Groves, Inc., Avon stockers, feeders and bred stock to Park, FL, $104.00, July delivery. 550 the Superior Livestock satellite video lbs, Natural, NHTC, VAC 34 , auction. The auction was held in a Angus-cross heifer calves with slight broadcast live from the Superior Brahman influence, Seminole Tribe Livestock Auction Studio in the his- of Florida, Inc., Okeechobee, FL, toric stockyards of Fort Worth, $95.50, July delivery. 570 lbs, VAC Texas. All classes met with active 34 , Angus-cross steer calves, trade. Light cattle sold steady to $2 Belflower Cattle, Zolfo Springs, FL, higher on stocker classes: 500 lb. - $100.50, July delivery. 585 lbs, VAC 600 lb. steers sold steady to $4 45, Angus-cross weaned steer higher with most advance noted on calves, Chanas Ranch, Llano, TX, 600 lb. range. 700 lb. - 800 lb. steers $116.50, June delivery. 600 lbs, and heifers sold steady to $3 higher Angus-cross weaned steer calves, with most price advance on 700 lb. La Escalera Ltd Partnership, category. 850 lb. - 900 lb. steers Seymour, TX, $114.25, May deliv traded $2-3 higher. Cattle with ery. 600 lbs, Natural, NHTC, VAC “Advantage Programs,” installed 34 , Angus-cross steer calves with commanded greatest activity.

TOP slight Brahman influence, Seminole CALVES—Steers: 400 lbs, VAC Tribe of Florida, Inc., Okeechobee, PreCon, English & English-cross FL, $99.00, July delivery. 625 lbs, weaned steer calves, Chad Kimble, Superior Verified, VAC 24, Angus & Hydro, OK, $129.00, May delivery. Angus-cross steer calves, Baldwin 400 lbs, VAC 34 , Angus-cross Agriland Co., Henrietta, TX, $ steer calves with slight Brahman 110.85, July delivery. 625 lbs, VAC influence, Seminole Tribe of Florida, 45, Natural, NHTC, Angus-cross Inc., Clewiston, FL, $110.25, July weaned steer calves, Circle B LLC, delivery. 445 lbs, VAC PreCon, Billings, MT, $113.00, December English & English Exotic-cross delivery. Heifers: 475 lbs, Natural, weaned steer calves, Mitchell NHTC, VAC 34 , Angus-cross heif- Ranch, Fletcher, OK, $122.00, July er calves with slight Brahman influ- delivery. 460 lbs, Select VAC 24, ence, Seminole Tribe of Florida, Angus-cross steer calves, Bright Inc., Clewiston, FL, $93.00, July Hour Ranch, Arcadia, FL, $110.50, delivery. 425 lbs, VAC PreCon, July delivery. 475 lbs, VAC PreCon, Angus-cross weaned heifer calves, English & Exotic-cross weaned C.A.K.E. Holding, Inc, Woodbine, steer calves, Jimmy Eshleman, IA, $121.75, May delivery. 525 lbs, Clovis, NM, $120.00, June delivery. Select VAC 24, Charolais-cross 490 lbs, Angus-cross weaned steer weaned heifer calves, Crews calves, Circle H Feeders, Marshall, Groves, Inc., Avon Park, FL, $94.50, MO, $124.00, May delivery. 510 lbs, July delivery.

TOP YEARLINGS— Natural, Select VAC 24, Angus- Steers: 525 lbs, Superior Verified, cross steer calves, Kenneth Dicks VAC 24, Angus-cross steer calves, Farms, Inc, Lake City, FL, $104.50, Baldwin Agriland Co., Henrietta, TX, September delivery. 520 lbs, VAC $110.85, July delivery. 650 lbs, VAC 34 , Angus-cross steer calves with PreCon, Angus-cross feeder steers, slight Brahman influence, Seminole Everett Brothers, Crystal Falls, TX, Tribe of Florida, Inc., Clewiston, FL, $108.50, June delivery. 660 lbs, $94.75, July delivery. 525 lbs, VAC VAC PreCon, Angus-cross with PreCon, English & English-cross slight Brangus influence, Kenneth weaned steer calves, County Line G. Adams, Checotah, OK, $106.50, Farms, Buffalo, MO, $114.00, June May delivery. 735 lbs, Select VAC delivery. 525 lbs, VAC 24, Brangus- PreCon, Angus-cross feeder steers, cross steer calves, Immokalee Big Creek Farms, Waco, TX, Ranch, Immokalee, FL, $101.75, $102.35, June delivery. 750 lbs, September delivery. 540 lbs, Select VAC PreCon, English & Natural, NHTC, VAC 34 , Angus- English Exotic-cross feeder steers, cross steer calves with slight Red Oak Cattle, LLC, Watrous, NM, Brahman influence, Seminole Tribe $100.75, October delivery. 775 lbs, of Florida, Inc., Clewiston, FL, VAC 45, Natural, Angus-cross feed- $102.00, July delivery. 550 lbs, er steers, Midway Cattle Co., Natural, VAC 45, Red Angus Dalhart, TX, $105.50, May delivery.

850 lbs, Natural, VAC 45, Anguscross feeder steers, Rosepine Research Station, Shreveport, LA, $97.60, July delivery. 900 lbs, Natural, VAC 45, Angus-cross feed- er steers, Dean Lee Research Station, Alexandria, LA, $92.10, July delivery. Heifers: 600 lbs, Natural, Angus & Angus-cross heifer calves, Bar V 6 Ranch, Claremore, OK, $104.50, June delivery. 630 lbs, Natural, English-cross feeder heif- ers, Tyler Brothers, Burns, CO, $101.75, June delivery. 635 lbs, Natural, Select VAC, Brangus-cross feeder heifers, Morning Star Ranch, Lee & Katherine Denena, Calvert, TX, $98.00, May delivery. 650 lbs, VAC PreCon, Charolais-cross feed- er heifers, H.R Smith Ranches, Campbellton, TX, $96.50, May deliv- ery. 690 lbs, Brangus & Brangus- cross feeder heifers, Hurt Cattle Co., Deming, NM, $98.00, May delivery.

710 lbs, VAC PreCon, Angus-cross feeder heifers, G & G Livestock, Dunlap, IA, $96.25, June delivery. 750 lbs, Natural, Angus-cross feeder heifers, Agri Venture Corp., Graham, TX, $99.00, May delivery. 825 lbs, Select VAC 45, Angus-cross feeder heifers, Spring Valley Ranch, Waco, TX, $89.50, June delivery. 850 lbs, Natural, Angus-cross feeder heifers, Norris Cattle Co. LLC, Lovington, NM, $89.10, May delivery. 900 lbs, Natural, Red Angus-cross feeder heifers, Redland Red Angus, Billings, MT, $94.00, August Delivery. 925 lbs, Angus & Hereford-cross feeder heifers, L & K Livestock, Inc., Ohiowa, NE, $96.50, May delivery.