SALE calendar

May 22, 2009
by WLJ

SALE calendar

Sale Calendar is a service to our
advertisers. There is a minimum advertising
requirement to be eligible to
be listed in the sale calendar. Contact
your fieldman for more information,
or to have your date added to the Sale
Calendar. We will only run auction
sale dates or private treaty start dates.
We do not run consignor sale dates.


July 11 – Signature Breeders Angus,
Female Sale, Wilton, CA
Sept. 20 – Oak Ridge Angus Farms,
Production Sale, Calistoga, CA
Oct. 14 – R.A. Brown Ranch, Bull,
Female & Quarter Horse Sale,
Throckmorton, TX
Nov. 14 – Rocky Mountain Angus
Assn., Bull & Female Sale, Ogden, UT


Oct. 1 – Jamison Ranch, Female
Sale, Quinter, KS


Jun. 1 – Cole Ranch Female Sale,
Western Stockman’s Market, Famoso, CA

Jun. 2-4 – Corn Belt Classic, Superior
Livestock Auction
Jun. 17-18 – Lone Star & Gulf Coast
Classic, Superior Livestock Auction
July 6-10 – Week In The Rockies XXI,
Superior Livestock Auction
July 13-15 – Western Video Market,
Silver Legacy, Reno, NV
July 27-31 – Video Royale XVII,
Superior Livestock Auction
Aug. 17-18 – Western Video Market,
Little America, Cheyenne, WY
Aug. 18-21 – Big Horn Classic, Superior
Livestock Auction
Sept. 9-11 – Labor Day XXX, Superior
Livestock Auction
Sept. 21-22 – Western Video Market,
Haythorn Ranch, Ogallala, NE
Sept. 24-25 – Cattlemen’s Fall Classic,
Superior Livestock Auction


Jun. 5 – Madonna Inn, Quarter Horse,
San Luis Obispo, CA
Oct. 1 – Jamison Ranch, Horse Sale,
Quinter, KS
Oct. 14 – R.A. Brown Ranch, Bull,
Female & Quarter Horse Sale,
Throckmorton, TX