May 8, 2009
by WLJ

Telling it like it is Dear Pete,

Amen to your editorial in the WLJ, 4-27-09 on R- CALF activities! It is hard to understand why leaders of an organization purporting to represent cattle producers continually bash their own product, beef. Until quite recently, we frequently read quotes of some R-CALF leaders stating their members raise cattle, not beef. We have enough groups working to end animal agriculture! We really do not need a cattle producer group partnering with anti-food animal activist CONSUM- ER groups. Especially not when the messages pub lished are casting doubt in the minds of our customers about the safety of the beef we produce.

It is equally hard to understand why cattle producers and some of our main street businesses continue to fund an organization deterimental to cattle producers. Apparently, the leaders don’t really want cattle/beef industry problems solved as they need continuing crises to keep their revenue stream from drying up. Thanks for telling it like it is, giving cattle producers factual information we can trust.

Shorty Jones Midland, SD