SALE reports

Sale Reports
Mar 27, 2009
by WLJ

SALE reports

March 14, Merrill, OR
45 Bulls ............................... $1,875
44 Open heifers .......................714
5 Reg. open heifers .................854

Auctioneer: Bill Lefty
Sale Manager:
James A. Danekas
Lynn and Lyleen Pope celebrated
70 years in the Angus business with
this year’s sale and it was agreed that
it was the best offering to date for this
firm. A very strong top end of the bulls
provided strong value for those on the
seats. This was a good strong sale
and provides an excellent opportunity
for commercial cattlemen that are
looking for good functional Angus
range bulls. Volume buyer was Milano
Land and Cattle Co., Tehachapi,

TOPS: Lochobar New Standard
758, 2/2/08, by LCC New Standard;
Carleton Farms, Merrill, OR, $3,500.
Lochobar High Mesa 298, 1/23/08,
by GAR High Sierra; Jason Chapman,
Klamath Falls, OR, $3,050.
Lochobar L14 Design E08, 2/16/08,
by Lochobar New Desgin L14; Roger
Linton, Lakeview, OR, $2,500. Lochobar
C36 Solution 308, 1/23/08, by
GAR Solution; Erquiaga Ranch, Cedarville,
CA, $2,300. Lochobar Objective
438, 1/25/08, by SS Objective
T510 OT26; Herb Jasper, New Pine
Creek, OR, $2,250. — JERRY YORK

March 14, Fallon, NV
27 Bulls ............................... $1,737
12 Open heifers .......................852
11 Bred females ....................1,211

Auctioneer: Bill Lefty
The Western States Beefmaster
Breeders Association held their annual
spring sale in Fallon, NV, at the
Fallon Livestock Auction. There was
a good crowd on hand. However,
there was a lot of value in the genetics
that sold in this sale. For cattlemen
that use this unique breed and know
what they can do, this sale was an
excellent opportunity to add strong
genetics to their programs.

Lot 1 by Lasater 0192 BT 7864A;
Cherry Glen Beefmasters, Vacaville,
CA, to Lyle O’Driscoll, Myton, UT,
$5,200. Lot 6 by Xcite 497 DNA
247ABT 6760A; John D. Evangelo
Beefmasters, Lemoore, CA, to
Schwoerer Beefmasters, Oakdale,
CA, $4,000. — KRIS GUDEL for

March 16, Broken Bow, NE
218 Yearling bulls .............. $2,958

Auctioneers: Craig Conover,
Al Conover and Matt Lowery
One of the country’s longtime performance
herds, incorporating 60
years of continuous breeding and 20
years of carcass testing, over 10,000
ultrasound records and DNA testing
for quality grade and feed efficiency.
The bulls were sound, uniform, with
fresh genetics also affording large sire
groups for added uniformity. A large
crowd of mostly commercial cattlemen
was on the seats, represented,
or on the Internet in a fast-paced sale;
solid demand to a wide area of the

Summitcrest Complete
4U75, 2/27/08, bull by Summitcrest
Complete 1P55; to Salt
Creek Angus, Memphis, TX, 2/3 interest
and possession, $12,500. Summitcrest
Pfred 3818 02U9, 1/14/08,
bull by Summitcrest Pfred 3B18 0J98;

to Matt Lowery, Burwell, NE, $8,750.
Summitcrest Focus 2U66, 2/1/08, bull
by Mytty In Focus; to J.R. Goode,
Wheatland, WY, 2/3 interest, $8,500.
Summitcrest Shear Force 01U1,
1/7/08, bull by G T Shear Force; to
Matt Lowery, Burwell, NE, 2/3 interest,
$8,000. Summitcrest Thunder
01U2, 1/7/08, bull by Connealy Thunder;
to Jimmy Taylor, Elk City, NE,
$6,000. Summitcrest Tenderline
03U1, 1/14/08, son of Summitcrest
Tenderloin; to Matt Lowery, Burwell,
NE, $5,750. — JIM GIES


MARCH 17, Hay Springs, NE
104 Yearling Red Angus
bulls ..................................... $4,136
21 Angus bulls .....................2,786
40 Yealring Red Angus
heifers ....................................1,665
87 Commercial yearling
heifers .......................................806
The Pieper family had a nice
March day in northwest Nebraska for
this annual Red Angus Production
sale. This is one of the breed’s stalwart
sales and this year was no exception.
A very uniform, high quality,
sound set of potential herd sire prospects,
well bred with solid performance
numbers. The Angus bulls and
heifer offering were equally expressive.
A large crowd of commercial and
registered breeders alike were on
hand or represented, with cattle scattering
across the country. Many repeat
buyers were noted.

TOPS—Red bulls: PIE Game Day 8106, 2/17/08,
son of VGW Game Plan 508; to
Larry Thomann, Riverside, IA, 1/2
interest and possession, $12,000.
PIE Game Day 8047, 2/11/08, son of
VGW Game Plan 508; to Jeff Thoele,
LaCygne, KS, 1/2 interest and possession,
$13,500. PIE Shooter 8012,
2/4/08, son of HXC Magnum; to
Sandy Willow Red Angus, Waubay,
SD, 1/2 interest and possession,
$11,000. PIE Mission 8239, 2/27/08,
son of LJC Mission Statement P27;
to Jeff Thoele, $10,500. PIE Rio
Grand 804, 2/1/08, son of Lchmn
Grand Canyon 1244 G; to Lund
Ranch, Gunnison, UT, 1/2 interest
and possession, $8,750. PIE New
Game 8083, 2/14/08, son of VGW
Game Plan 508; to Dayton Hyde, Hot
Springs, SD, 1/2 interest and possession,

Black Angus bulls: Mill
Iron In Focus 867, 1/29/08, son of
Mytty In Focus; to Mt. Valley Livestock,
Douglas, WY, $4,900.

Red Angus heifers: PIE Miss E803,
2/1/08, daughter of PIE Gridmaster
589; to Josh Hrabe, Plainville, KS,

$3,500. PIE Polly 8069, 2/15/08,
daughter of GEF Great Northern
2563; to Randy McIntire, Sweet Water,
OK, $2,600. — JIM GIES



March 17, Logan, MT
67 Yearling bulls ................ $2,587
Auctioneer: Garth Isbell
Bob and Julie Morton offered a
strong set of bulls in their annual sale
this spring from their reputation pro gram

known for the high maternal
quality it has been built on. Ranchers
and breeders bid actively on the quality
offering that had very good EPD
spread numbers and performance
with the right kind, structure, balance,
thickness and volume. A number of
the bulls sold to purebred and bull stud
operations, and the bulk to longtime

Mission 8258, 1/25/08, by LJC Mission
Statement P27; to Laubach Red
Angus, Big Timber, MT, and Redland
Red Angus, Hysham, MT, $10,750.
GMRA Competitor 8294, 2/17/08, by
MLK CRK Titelist 4158; to Meyer
Ranch, Helmville, MT, and Hamilton
Ranch, Twin Rivers, MT, $7,500.
GMRA Vacation 8215, 1/10/08, by
Brown Vacation H7106; to Klompien
Red Angus, Manhattan, MT, $5,750.
GMRA Make It Easy 8226, 1/14/08,
by Bieber Make Mimi 7249; to Beiber
Red Angus, Leola, SD, and Accelerated
Genetics, Baraboo, WI, $5,500.
GMRA Mission King 8217, 1/11/08,
by LJC Mission Statement P27; to
Christiansen Red Agnus, Park City,
MT, $4,750. — JERRY GLIKO

March 17, Caldwell, ID
64 Angus ............................. $1,366
17 Polled Hereford ...............1,184
4 Project steers ........................730
Auctioneer: Rick Machado
Sale Manager: James A. Danekas

This dispersion closed out 50
years in the purebred seedstock industry
for the Milton Costa family and,
as one might expect, these types of
sales are always bittersweet. After
that many years of planning and
breeding top level cattle, to have
them spread to the four winds is not
easy to do. This herd of Polled Hereford
and Angus cattle had gained a
prominent reputation and that helped
attract a good-sized crowd anxious
to add these strong genetics to their
own programs. Joining the Costa
family in this dispersion was a guest
consignment from Bernie Weldon,
Weiser, ID.

69T, 1/120/07, by Connealy Lead On;
Sackman Cattle Co., Warden, WA,
$7,000. Riverbend Rita 2418, 2/6/02,
by GDAR SVF Traveler 234D; North
Fork Angus, Oreana, ID, $3,500. C
Absolute 7061ET, 1/9/07, by FCC
36N Absolute 78; Jim Beam, Eagle,
ID, $2,800. Bear Mtn Rose 2253,
4/1/02, by SA Neutron 377; JR
Ranch, Othello, WA, $1,300. Her

3/24/09 heifer calf by 21AR Coal
Bank C014; to Tule Vista Ranch,
Macdoel, CA, $1,400. Bear Mtn Nell
409L, 10/20/01, by Thomas New
Design 9271; Tule Vista Ranch,
$2,300. 3R Valentine H4 M80, 2/3/02,
by Ankonian Elixir 100; Dan Jenkins,
Meridian, ID, $2,100. JR Maximum
115T, 3/2/07, by Basin Max 602C;
Chris Collett, Nampa, ID, $2,000.


March 18, Highmore, SD
Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar
Steve Munger and his crew had all
in ready here on a nice March day in
central South Dakota for this rather
large offering of Gelbvieh, Balancer
and Angus bulls. They use every tool
available for the production of high
performance feed-efficient seedstock,
which also involves DNA profiling, the
goal being heavier weights and lower
inputs to equal larger profit. One had
to appreciate the quality, consistency,
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First-time buyer Jeremy Fahy,
Blackmore Ranches, Manville,
WY, was an active buyer at the
Pieper Red Angus sale in Hay
Springs, NE. — Photo by Jim

Rod Nelson, commercial breeder
from Lusk, WY, was active
March 17 at the Pieper Red
Angus 20th Annual Performance
Leader Production sale,
adding a couple of bulls. —
Photo by Jim Gies