SALE reports

Sale Reports
Mar 13, 2009
by WLJ
SALE reports

Feb. 28, Paxton, NE
104 Bulls sold . . . . . . . . . . .$2,514
316 Bulls leased . . . . . . . . . . 1,220

Auctioneers: Dean Schow and Kyle Schow
A brisk, sunny day in western
Nebraska for this annual event. A
strong representation of Angus genetics,
including many one-half brother
combinations that, combined with
solid testing and data scans plus the
utilization of the Grow Safe Feed
Consumption System, afforded buyers
or leasers excellent opportunities.
About half the bulls sold over the Internet,
and the balance on the seats.
Bulls sold to buyers in 15 states including
a buyer in Wasilla, AK. There
were 13 buyers who leased or bought

10 or more bulls. High volume buyers:
Smith Oasis, Amarillo, TX, 33 bulls;
Mikael Nixon, Nara Vista, NM, 24

TOPS—Purchased bulls: PMS
In Focus, 1/24/08, son of Mytty In
Focus; to Darrin Lanhm, Nelson, NE,
2/3 interest, $6,800. KCR Alliance
V875, 2/10/08, son of WAR Alliance
9126 6006; to Hutson Angus Farm,
Elk City, OK, and Profit Maker Bulls,
Paxton, NE, 2/3 interest, $4,500. PMB
Targer U5, 1/2/08, son of Boyd On
Target 1083; to Jim Carlson, Julesburg,
CO, 2/3 interest, $4,200. Leased
bulls: MC 2500 0711, 2/1/07, son of
Schurrtop MC 2500; to H & S Ranch,
Wamsutter, WY; to Mike Thayer,
Nora, NE, for 90 days use, $1,850.
PMB Objective 8006, 1/23/08, son of
S S Objective T510 0T 26; to H & S
Ranch, Wamsutter, WY, 90 days use,
$1,850. — JIM GIES

March 3, Wheatland, WY
101 Yearling Angus bulls . .$3,153
6 Fall yearling Angus bulls . .3,325
16 Yearling Amerifax bulls . . 2,438
Auctioneer: Lex Madden

A wind-blown day greeted a large
crowd of commercial cowmen from
Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming.
Although it’s often said, it’s true that
this set of bulls was deeper, thicker,
easier fleshed with more balanced
traits than ever before. The customer
base appreciated them with
steady, strong selling from start to

TOPS: KMR Total 1178,
12/28/07, son of TC Total 410; to
Mead Land & Livestock, 2/3 interest
and possession, $7,750. MR RT
5605-9978, 1/9/08, son of Leachman
Right Time 338-5605; to Mead
Land and Livestock, Cheyenne, WY,
2/3 interest and possession, $6,250.
KMR Force 818, 1/9/08, son of KMR
Force 10529; to Deep Creek Angus,
Potlatch, ID, $6,000. MR Total 3308,
1/11/08, son of TC Total 410; to
Mead Land & Livestock, $5,750. MR
Futures Right 1308, 1/10/08, son of
MM Futures Right 704; to WW Cattle
Co. Casper, WY, $5,600. MR RT
5605-9098, 1/13/08, son of Leachman
Right Time 338-5605; to Mountain
Valley Livestock, Douglas, WY,
$5,250. — JIM GIES


Feb. 27, Quinter, KS
57-1/2 Yearling bulls . . . . . .$3,636
78 2-year-old bulls. . . . . . . . . 2,583

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

A strong offering, deep in quality
and genetic power, designed to be
predictable with a high degree of
performance in this set of “Line One”
bred bulls. An operation that’s been
in business since 1944 and, year to
year, continues to make improvement
in delivering problem-free efficient
cattle. A large crowd of registered and
commercial cattlemen, alike, from a
wide area of the western U.S. was on
hand in a fast-paced event with
steady, strong selling.

JA L1 Domino 8211U, 3/3/08,
son of CL1 Domino 555R; to Dufur
Herefords, Caddo, OK, 3/4 interest
and possession, $12,500. JA L1

The American Angus Association
Regional Manager is one of the
most valuable resources for a
beef producer with Angus or
Angus-influenced genetics.
Call Matt Printz for help in
locating Angus seedstock or
to inquire about Association
programs and services.

Domino 8801U, 2/17/08, son of CL1
Domino 555R; to Oleen Bros, Dwight,
KS, 3/4 interest and possession,
$11.000. JA L1 Domino 8521U,
2/13/08, son of CL1 Domino 4134P;
to Indian Mound Farm, Canadian, TX,
Jim Zurn, Dallas, TX, and Stephen
Coats, San Angelo, TX, $10,000. JA
L1 Domino 8633U, 3/20/08, son of
HH Advance 186M; to Verquer Herefords,
Trinidad, CO, and Bauer Bros,
Sugar City, CO, $9,250. JA L1 Domino
8513U, 2/8/08, son of CL1 Domino
4134P; to Rusty Jamison, Beggs,
OK, $7,250. 2-year-old bulls: JA L1
Domino 728T, 4/2/07, son of CL1
Domino 0157K; to Blasi Land & Cattle,
Pratt, KS, $9,300. — JIM GIES


March, 2, North Platte, NE
85 Yearling bulls . . . . . . . . .$3,332
18 Yearling reg. heifers. . . . . 2,072
3 Commercial yearling
heifers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,300

Auctioneer: Kyle Schow
A nice day in western Nebraska for
this annual production sale. A very
functional, predictable set of cattle
designed to be profitable. The cattle
were deep in quality and equally as
good in performance. A nice crowd of
cattlemen was on hand and active
with many repeat customers noted.
Strong, consistent selling throughout.

TOPS—Bulls: Vision CF Net Worth
807, 1/3/08, son of SAV Net Worth
4200; to Flag Ranch, Scottsbluff, NE,
$15,000. Vision CF Dominant 816,
1/4/08, son of SAV Dominant 5405;
to Roger Ludeke, Atlantic, NE, $6,000.
MAR Predestined 24-M298, 2/12/08,
son of CCF Predestined of Product;
to Lee Bros, Elsie, NE, $6,000. Vision
CF Net Worth 806, 1/2/08, son of SAV
Net Worth 4200; to Byron McCormick,
Oshkosh, NE, $5,300. Vision Formation
830, 1/28/08, son of Connealy
Formation 60C; to Krab Inc, Paxton,
NE, $5,100.

Female: Vision Elba 884,
3/18/08, daughter of BC Marathon
7022; to Craig Jumps, Culbertson,
NE, $3,600. — JIM GIES

March 4, Wolf Creek, MT
105 Yearling bulls . . . . . . . .$2,243

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs
Ox Bow Ranch held their 7th annual
bull sale this spring, offering the
best set of bulls yet. The well-balanced,
impressive offering was quite
uniform and consistent in type and
kind with good performance, EPDs,
correctness and soundness. The
program has popular proven genetics,
bred and selected to be efficient
and popular. The bulls sold at steady
prices, many to repeat customers.

TOPS: Ox Bow Final Answer 8378,
2/8/08, by SAV Final Answer 0035;
to Phil and Peggy Hohnson, Fort
Shaw, MT, $5,250. Ox Bow Traveler
8232, 2/10/08, by SAV 8180 Traveler
004; to Broken O Ranch, Augusta,
MT, $4,500. Ox Bow Final Answer
8283, 2/11/08, by SAV Final Answer
0035; to Wirth Ranch, Wolf Creek,
MT, $4,000. Ox Bow Final Answer
8231, 1/31/08, by SAV Final Answer
0035; to Four Buttes Ranch, Chinook,
MT, $4,000. Ox Bow Right
Time 338-8281, 2/6/08, by Hyline
Right Time 338; to Broken O Ranch,
$4,000. Ox Bow Foresight 8294,
3/8/08, by Woodhill Foresight; to
Melaney Ranch, Wolf Creek, MT,
$4,000. — JERRY GLIKO

March 5, Brady, MT

55 Yearling bulls . . . . . . . . .$2,754
20 Open yearling heifers . . . . 919

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins
Joe and Heidi Fritz, along with
Errol Fritz, held their 21st annual sale
this year with the offering drawing
strong demand from purebred breeders
and many longtime customers.
The impressive set of well bred, consistent
bulls showed lots of performance,
thickness, volume and spread
EPDs that cattlemen demand. It was
truly a strong group of bulls from this
reputation program.

TOPS: Fritz
Golden Oscar 8005, 1/24/08, by RED
Crowfoot Ole’s Oscar; to Ludvigson
Stock Farm, Park City, MT, and Genex
CRI, Shawano, WI, $8,250. Fritz
Hobo Justice 8013, 1/31/08, by VGW
Justice 614; to Green Mountain Red
Angus, Logan, MT, and Accelerated
Genetics, Barraboo, WI, $7,500. Fritz
Golden Oscar 8014, 1/31/08, by RED
Crowfoot Ole’s Oscar; to Strawberry
Ridge Reds, Livingston, MT, $6,500.
Fritz Capacity Chief 8056, 2/16/08, by
Ubar High Capacity 6088; to Spear J
Red Angus, Jordan, MT, $4,250. Fritz
Hondo Capacity 8045, 2/16/08, by U
Bar High Capacity 6088; to Rocker S
Ranch, Whitlash, MT, $4,250. —

March 7, Sterling, CO
49 Yearling bulls . . . . . . . . .$2,459
8 Yearling heifers. . . . . . . . . . . 775

Auctioneer: Sonny Booth
Gordon and Earline Schuppe and
family held their annual Limousin
production sale here in northeastern
Colorado on a cool, brisk day offering
a very uniform, high quality set of
Limousin and Lim-Flex bulls and heifers.
Since inception, they have been
totally dedicated “to raise cattle for the
commercial cattleman.” And, to that
end, is why over 80 percent of their
bulls sell to repeat customers. A good
crowd of cattlemen were active with
consistent selling and good demand.

TOPS: ELMW Understatement 125U,
3/4/08, black, polled purebred son of
KAJO Responder 120R; to Fillmore
Limousin, Boone, CO, $5,000. ELMW
UpTown 30U, 2/6/08, black, polled,
Lim-Flex son of Dr J. Analyst M250;
to Emmett Wise, Joes, CO, $4,700.
ELMW Unapproachable 24U, 2/4/08,
black, polled Lim-Flex son of GT
Shear Force; to Shane Whiting, Neola,
UT, $4,400. ELMW Unanswered
10U, 1/31/08, black, polled, Lim-Flex
son of TK Duke S13; to Steve
Mathewson, Sterling, CO, $4,100.
ELMW Unbeatable 13U, 1/31/08,
black, polled, Lim-Flex son of Dr J
Analyst M250; to Shane Whiting,
$4,100. — JIM GIES

March 3, McCook, NE
68 Yearling Angus bulls . . .$2,586
6 Yearling Charolais bulls . . 2,125

Auctioneer: Tracy Harl
The Stoller family held their 8th
annual sale here in southwest Nebraska.
Although their 8th sale, this
was the first one to be held in Nebraska
after moving their operation
from Melba, ID, to Palisade, NE, this
past year. The slogan at Bear Mountain
has been and is, “Focusing on
Quality with Performance,” and this
set of bulls was short on neither, plus
being structurally sound and functional
with eye appeal. A nice crowd
of mostly commercial breeders form
Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and Nebraska
were in attendance and active
with steady selling.

Bear Mtn Midland 7186, 3/8/07, son
of EXAR 264C; to Michael Sis, Bellevue,
NE, $4,250. Bear Mtn Marathon
8005, 1/2/08, son of BC Marathon
7022; to Clark Andrews, Hollbrook,
NE, $4,000. Bear Mtn Analyst
7473, 11/14/07, son of Dr J Analyst
M250; to Crown Farms, Genevieve,
MO, $3,900. Bear Mtn Y7328, 9/10/07,
son of Rito 1I2 of 2536 Rito 6I6; to
Richard Tyan, Gem, KS, $3,700. Bear
Mtn Timeline 7405, 10/8/07, son of
Connealy Timeline: to Crown Farms,
$3,600. Charolais: Bear Mtn

Roger White, Hershey, NE, attended
the Vision Angus Annual
Production Sale on March 2
in North Platte, NE, and added
a bull to his program. — Photo
by Jim Gies

Commercial cattleman and
repeat buyer Lawn Thompson,
Genoa, CO, was a very active
buyer at the Elmwood Limousin/Schuppe
Farms sale
in Sterling, CO. — Photo by
Jim Gies

Cattleman Roger Schroeder,
Chugwater, WY, added a top
bull to his commercial operation
at the Reyes-Russell Annual
Angus and Amerifax Bull
Sale. — Photo by Jim Gies