Mar 13, 2009
by WLJ

Y-Tex XP 820 insecticide cattle ear tag

XP 820 represents the most significant advancement in insecticide tag technology in over 20 years. XP 820 is labeled for use on beef cattle, non-lactating dairy cattle, and calves. It features one of the newest chemistry classes (macrocyclic lactone) being used in animal health and its unique active ingredient (abamectin) is synergized with piperonyl butoxide in a patentpending formulation.

Abamectin has never been used on cattle or other livestock in the USA and when combined with piperonyl butoxide increases its effectiveness. Furthermore, the XP 820 is the first ear tag to provide sustained release of a macrocyclic lactone compound for long-lasting efficacy against horn flies and ticks.

There is no known horn fly resistance to the XP 820 compound. It is EPA registered for up to five months’ control of horn flies, including flies resistant to the pyrethroid and organophosphate formulations.

The XP 820 tag also controls Gulf Coast and spinose ear ticks, reduces face flies, and aids in control of several tick species infesting the bodies of cattle including the American dog tick, the cattle fever tick and the lone star tick. Contact your animal health supplier for details.