SALE reports

Sale Reports
Mar 6, 2009
by WLJ

SALE reports

BROKEN ARROW ANGUS ANNUAL SPRING BULL SALE Feb. 23, Harrison, NE 35 Reg. yearling bulls . . . . .$2,829 54 Yearling Gene Pool bulls 2,544 Auctioneer: Ty Thompson

Travis and Katie Krein and family held their annual spring bull sale on a nice February day in northwestern Ne- braska. This breeding program focuses on the “ideal” Angus female, moderate frame, easy fleshing, feminine and highly productive.

These bulls reflected the program easy fleshing, moderate size with muscle and extremely uniform. The bulls were bred to be problem free and highly efficient. Commercial cowmen from Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska appreciated the product in a rapid-fire sale taking about one hour to complete in very strong steady selling.

TOPS: BAA Young Gen 7266A, 8/27/07, son of O C C Linebred 661L; to Dan Dickau, Elwood, NE, for $5,000. BAA Amperage 834A, 3/23/08, son of O C C Linebred 661L; to Petsch Rollins, Lingle, WY, for $4,500. BAA Heritage 7280A, 9/3/07, son of Sitz SLS Heritage 8474; to Jake Reed, Lusk, WY, for $4,250. BAA Missing Link 8171A, 3/18/08, son of O C C Missing Link 830M; to L Bar 7 Cattle Co., Gillette, WY, for $4,000. — JM GIES

TC RANCH ANNUAL ANGUS PRODUCTION SALE Feb. 25, Franklin, NE 174 Yearling bulls. . . . . . . . .$4,118 21 Fall yearling bulls. . . . . . .3,821 7 Sim-Angus bulls. . . . . . . . .3,821 44 Yearling heifers . . . . . . . . .2,000 Auctioneers: Craig Conover and Joe Goggins

The Uden family presented a practical level of production with predictable and powerful genetics. A very deep set of bulls, sound in structure with rib, dimension and balanced traits. A huge crowd of registered and commercial cattlemen, alike, from a wide area of the U.S. were on hand and eager and active throughout the event. Many repeat buyers along with several new buyers were noted.

TOPS—Bulls: TC New Design 811, 1/18/08, son of Bluegrass New Design 205; $15,000. TC Thunder 855, 1/28/08, son of Connealy Thunder; $15,000. TC Thunder 805, 1/16/08, son of Connealy Thunder; to Select Sires, Plain City, OH, $15,000. TC Matrix 801, 1/1/08, son of B C Matrix 4132; to Vin Mar Angus, Gordon, NE, $12,000. TC Total 8107, 2/7/08, son of TC Total 410; to Lucky Seven Angus Ranch, Riverton, WY, $12,000. TC One Way 890, 2/3/08, son of TC One Way 618; to Gene Hansen, Greenfield, IA, $10,000. TC Total 820, 1/16/08, son of TC Total 410; to Gene Hansen, $10,000. TC Timberwolf 886, 2/3/08, son of LT Timberwolf 5014; to Charles Lanning, Lebanon, TN, $10,000. TC In Focus 823, 1/22/08, son of Mytty In Focus; to Delwin Antholz, Cook, NE, $10,000.

Heifers: TC Ruby 8034, 1/22/08, daughter of TC Advantage Plus 680; to Rydell Lienemann, Blue Hill, NE, for $4,500. TC Lassie 8130, 2/13/08, daughter of TC Total 410; to Premier Angus, Wales, WI, $4,250. — JIM GIES

V-A-L CHAROLAIS BULL SALE Feb. 17, Nyssa, OR 80 Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,420 Auctioneer: Kelly Troutt

The annual “Just Quality Bull Sale” for Harlen and Kendalee Garner turned in some fine results as a large crowd was on hand to appraise this year’s offering. The Charolais bulls from this program have gone into some of the West’s most prestigious commercial ranching concerns and performed well, and that is the reason this program has prospered over the years. The bulls are presented in good sale condition and are ready for turn out and service. The offering was strong in traits such as calving ease and carcass quality. This was a good, solid sale.

TOPS: VAL Red Potent T063, 4/6/07, by VAL Potent Polled K143; to Blackham Charolais, Mt. Pleasant, UT, $5,000. VAL Billings T06 Polled, 2/15/07, by VAL Billings 16P; to John Sutton, Midvale, ID, $4,000. VAL D040 T131, 5/15/07, by JWK Impressive D040; to Salmon Falls Land and Livestock, Hagerman, ID, $3,600. VAL Billings 7705, 8/31/07, by VAL Billings 16P; to Mike Robertson, Vale, OR, $3,400.

VAL Rippen Red Rage 7326 Polled, 3/12/07, by VAL Rippin Red Rage PJ82; to Union Cattle Co., Lacrosse, WA, $3,300. VAL Red Billings T103 P/S, 4/19/07, by VAL Billings 16P; to Union Cattle Co., $3,200. VAL SK T080 Polled, 4/10/07, by VAL SK 945; to Marshall Ranch, Hines, OR, $3,200. VAL Billings 7723 Polled, 9/18/07, by VAL Billings 16P; to Union Cattle Co., $3,200. — JERRY YORK

BUCHANAN ANGUS RANCH Feb. 22, Klamath Falls, OR 58 Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,666 Auctioneer: C. D. “Butch” Booker

Bob and Kathleen Buchanan held their annual bull sale with their guest consignors Country Inn Cattle Co., Traynham Ranches and JS Bailey Angus Ranch. This sale always draws a good crowd and it’s not just for the excellent brunch that is served. The bulls in this sale have proven themselves with the commercial cattleman and there is always strong buying competition at this sale. There are many repeat buyers each year and that is indicative of how well the bulls in this sale work for their new owners.

All of the bulls in this sale are the result of AI breeding to some of the industry’s top sires, providing for a powerful and up-to-date sale offering.

TOPS: Algoma Golden Cowboy 095B, 1/1/08, by Connealy Danny Boy; to Steve Stoltenberg, Willows, CA, $5,500. Algoma Black Knight 098B, 1/2/08, by Quaker Hill Objective 3J15; to Scott Valley Angus, Etna, CA, $5,500. Algoma Crossfire 085B, 12/30/07, by BT Crossover 758N; to Steve Stoltenberg, $5,400. Algoma Golden Leader T226, 2/4/08, by SAV 8180 Traveler 004; to Steve Stoltenberg, $4,400. Algoma King Dan 073B, 12/26/07, by Connealy Danny Boy; to G&G Farms, Bonanza, OR, $4,000.

JS Bar Anitas Predestined 19, 12/30/07, by GAR Predestined; to Clouds Warner Mountain Ranch, New Pine Creek, OR, $4,000. Algoma Freight Train 111B, 1/17/08, by Connealy Freight Train; to Circle JK Ranch, Bridge, OR, and Malibu, CA, $3,900. —JERRY¬†

SHAW CATTLE CO. Feb. 18, Caldwell, ID 49 Hereford bulls . . . . . . . . .$2,550 148 Angus bulls. . . . . . . . . . .2,585 31 Red Angus bulls. . . . . . . .2,389 16 Hereford heifers . . . . . . . .1,981 15 Angus heifers . . . . . . . . . .1,837 51 Comm. heifers . . . . . . . . . . 766 Auctioneers: C. D. “Butch” Booker and Trent Stewart

This was just an excellent selling event with a volume number of both bulls and females on offer representing the three breeds. The offering was strong and as a result, it attracted a very large crowd. The crowd, in fact, was one of the largest ever at this reputation purebred firm. The bulls were presented in great sale condition

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Scott Valley Angus, Etna, CA, purchased a herd sire prospect at the recent Buchanan Angus Ranch sale, Klamath Falls, OR. Pictured are (l-r) Curt Hughes, Jessie Hammond, Cliff Monson and Clyde Hammond. — Photo by Jerry York

First-time customer Jim Poett, Rancho San Julian, Lompac, CA, added eight bulls to his commercial program at the TC Ranch Angus Production Sale in Franklin, NE. — Photo by Jim Gies

Chet and Tara Porterfi eld, TC Ranch, Macdoel, CA, attended the Buchanan Angus Ranch sale, Klamath Falls, OR, and purchased bulls for their reputation commercial herd. — Photo by Jerry York