Farm Bureau responds to action on water shortage

Mar 6, 2009
by WLJ
Farm Bureau responds to action on water shortage

Responding to Gov. Schwarzenegge r’s announcement to take actions to mitigate community and farm impacts due to water shortages, the president of the state’s largest farm organization, Doug Mosebar of the California Farm Bureau Federation, said recently that the action will help. “By acknowledging that the health of communities and farms is linked to a reliable water supply, the governor’s actions will help to ease job and economic losses due to California’s water crisis,” Mosebar said. “By requiring all agencies that have jurisdiction over water issues to work together to address supply needs immediately, the governor is streamlining assistance to thirsty communities and farms,” he said.

“The Legislature must now follow suit with a comprehensive, long-term plan that includes new surface water storage facilities and improved water delivery systems as essential strategies along with water recycling and others,” Mosebar said. “Many farmers have already let their growing season go, but many more will welcome this action that recognizes the importance of keeping locally grown commodities in our state for the benefit of our communities and to ensure food security for all,” he said. “Growing food to sustain our state’s increasing population is crucial,” Mosebar said. “We hope the governor’s action encourages everyone to save water and push for a longterm solution to this water crisis.” — WLJ