SALE reports

Sale Reports
Feb 20, 2009
by WLJ
SALE reports 
Feb. 12, Veteran, WY
88 Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,839
Auctioneer: Lex Madden
The Booth family had a beautiful
day in eastern Wyoming for their 36th
annual bull sale and over that time,
they constantly strived for a consistent,
reliable, uniform, profitable product
for their customers. Change is
everywhere, and they have changed
their program to a fall calving program,
so most of these bulls were fall
yearlings, with the exception of a
handful of spring yearlings. A solid
offering of well-bred bulls sold to commercial
cowmen from Colorado, Nebraska,
Montana and Wyoming. The
crowd gathered early and was very
active throughout.

Cherry Crk
Analyst 7569, 9/2/07, son of Dr J
Analyst M250; to Ochsner & Sons,

Torrington, WY, $7,000. Cherry Crk
Analyst 8255, 2/28/08, son of Dr J
Analyst M250; to Dave Whisler,
Casper, WY, $4,400. Cherry Crk In
Focus 7556, 9/3/07, son of Mytty In
Focus; to Ron Dorsey, Gordon, NE,
$4,000. Cherry Crk In Focus 7584,
9/7/07, son of Mytty In Focus; to
Ochsner & Sons, $4,000. Red Angus
Cherry Crk Beyond 7536,
9/4/07, son of LCC Above and Beyond
1300J; to Snowhole Ranch,
Lingle, WY, $4,800. Cherry Crk Showtime
7170; 2/13/07, son of Schoco
Data; to Flat Iron Red Angus, Veteran,
WY, $4,200. — JIM GIES

Feb. 4, Caldwell, ID
97 Bulls .................................$2,062
C. D. “Butch” Booker
This was the 37th version of the
Shaw Bull Sale with a volume number
of Hereford bulls from Shaw Cattle
Co. and Tim Shaw Herefords. It was
also the 63rd year that the Shaw family
has been in the Hereford business.
Over the years, this family and their
cattle have earned a sterling reputation
as purebred breeders and cattlemen.
Many of the buyers in this sale
have purchased bulls from the Shaw
family for years and in several instances,
a couple of generations have
been customers. There would not be
many other firms in the nation that can
lay claim to such an outstanding record.
The bulls in this sale are “unpampered
and unfitted” and they are
ready to go to work. They are raised
with the commercial cattleman in
mind and it is obvious that the commercial
man likes what he sees here.
This was a good solid sale with quality
Hereford bulls from start to finish.
TOPS: TS 439 Domino 711T, 1/26/07,
by /S484 Domino 4639; to Salmon
Falls Cattle Co., Hagerman, ID,
$3,100. TS 378 Peerless Bender
75T8, 3/29/07, by /S Curve Bender
3578; to Tindall Ranch, Bruneau, ID,
$3,100. TS 378 Mr Bender 708T,
1/21/07, by /S Curve Bender 3578; to
Johnson Land and Livestock, Rush
Valley, UT, $3,000. /S 807 Advance
7862 ET, 2/16/07, by H5 500 Advance
897; to Earl Anderson Ranch, Ontario,
OR, $2,900. TS 146 Mr Peerless
742T, 2/17/07, by /S 910 Mr.
Mom 1146; to Tom Nuttman, Couterville,
ID, $2,800. /S Kahlua 7818,
2/5/07, by BP Kahula 1K; to Ken Seid,
Midvale, ID, $2,750. TS 203 Domino
780T, 3/6/07, by /S 552 Domino 2503;
to Harder Hereford Ranch, Kahlotus,
WA, $2,700. TS 146 Mr. Mom 733T,
2/12/07, by /S 910 Mr. Mom 1146; to
Harder Hereford Ranch, $2,700. —

Feb. 10, New Plymouth, ID
23 Yearling bulls . . . . . . . . $1,332
19 2-Year-old bulls. . . . . . . . 1,689
46 Reg. heifers. . . . . . . . . . . . .960
11 Commercial heifers . . . . . .680
C. D. “Butch” Booker
This was the first production auction
for Lance and Dawnette Hoch’s
LH Cattle. A strong group of 2-yearold
and yearling bulls along with a nice
set of yearling heifers were offered.
These cattle were sold in their working
clothes, ready to go to work for anyone.
A good crowd was on hand for
this first event and the cattle were sold
into commercial and purebred herds
in four states. TOPS—Bulls: LH
Right Traveler 755, 3/8/07, by Bear

Mtn Right Stuff 3259; to Michael
Seymour, Astoria, OR, $2,800. LHC
Owyhee 803, 1/24/08, by Bear Mtn
Owhee 5012; to Michael Seymour,
$2,250. LHC RS 830, 2/10/08, by
Bear Mtn Right Stuff 3259; to Ed
Stuivenga, Grangeville, ID, $2,200.
LHC Image Maker 706, 1/18/07, by
HA Image Maker 0415; to Adam Fry,
Horseshoe Bend, ID, $1,900. LHC
Right Ambush 729, 2/17/07, by Bear
Mtn Right Stuff 3259; to Norm Easterday,
Jordan Valley, OR, $1,900.
Females: LHC 770 847, 2/19/08, by
GAR Predestined; Robert Pearson,
Vancouver, WA, $2,000. LHC Blackette
Lady 850, 2/20/08, by Hyline
Right Time 338; Bear Mountain Angus,
Palisade, NE, $1,850. — PAUL

Feb. 14, Twin Falls, ID
52 Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,091
13 Females . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1,444
2 Steers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1,150
C. D. “Butch” Booker
Sale Manager: James A. Danekas
This long-time annual state association
sale has, over the years,
turned in some excellent results, and
this year’s version was a steady sale
in spite of the market conditions.
There were some strong genetics
available for the modest-sized crowd
that was on hand and those folks that
were on the seats made some excellent
value-based buys. The sale culminates
two days of judging which
this year saw Wade Beckman sort the
cattle along with a large 4H and FFA
judging contest. The association also
held their annual meeting and banquet.
TOPS: JD Bull Durham 86U,
2/2/08, by Sitz New Design 458M;
Dalbey Angus, Hamilton, MT, to 6X
Ranch, Mackay, ID, $3,750. Shandar
Bossman 57T, 12/20/06, by EXAR Pit
Boss 409; Shandar Angus, Payson,
UT, to Simpson Ranch, Carey, ID,
$3,250. Champion: Bishops Coldfront
752, 2/2/07, by Bishops Coldfront
51; Bishop Ranches, Caldwell,
ID, to Salmon Falls Cattle Co., Hagerman,
ID, $2,500. Reserve Champion:
Duncans Cedric 714, 2/10/07, by
EKG New Design P620 R3; Duncan
Angus Ranch, Aberdeen, ID, to Alan
Kunzler, Park Valley, UT $2,750. Females:
BSAR Rita 227T, 2/27/07, by
Weldon Quota Plus01; Blue Sage
Acres Ranch, Emmett, ID, to Weldon
Angus, Weiser, ID, $2,300. Champion:
TLC Phantasia’s Debbie 577,
5/23/07, by Bell Key Lever Action 361,
bred to Hutch Mid Knight Zane 0523;
TLC Angus, Bliss, ID, to Jim Thoimas,
Dubois, ID, $1,500. — JERRY

Feb. 15, Valentine, NE
171 Bulls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,079
Al Conover and Mike Baxter
Sale Management:
Conover Auction Service
A sunny, brisk day in northern Nebraska
when the O’Neills, Tony and
Rick and family, whose operation is
near here at Cody, NE, held their 20th
annual sale. Their focus has been on
the cowherd, as they have the #2
Pathfinder herd in the nation. This
offering was roughly two-thirds yearlings
and one-third 2-year-olds. These
were sound, athletic and deep-ribbed
with excellent scan data. A good crowd
of mostly commercial cattlemen from
South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska
were very active. Several bought in
volume. TOPS: OCC Lightening 612,
1/28/08, son of Connealy Thunder; to
Select Sires, Plain City, OH, and Ashbourne
Angus, Paris, KY, $2,800.
OCC In Focus 692, 1/31/08, son of
Mytty In Focus; to Dave and Cheryl
Valberg, Whiteriver, SD, $7,500. OCC
Rains Net Worth NW 878 BC, 3/19/07,
son of SAV Net Worth 4200; to Bob
Alberts, Long Pine, NE, $6,500. OCC
Alliance 146, 2/19/07, son of Sitz Alliance
6595; to JH Minor Co., Hyannis,
NE, $5,500. OCC Alliance 107R-238,
4/3/07, son of Mytty Alliance 107R; to
Roger Kaup, Bassett, NE, $5,500.
OCC Lead On 519, 2/11/08, son of
Connealy Lead On; to Haase & Sons,
Winner, SD, $5,500. OCC Grid Line
430, 3/15/07, son of Connealy Grid
Line; to Roger Kaup, $5,000. — JIM

Jesse Marty, Marty Ranch,
long-time customer and top
commercial fi rm, was very active
throughout the Baker Herefords
Annual Production sale.
— Photo by Jim

Hugh Peltz, general manager,
True Ranches, Casper and Wheatland, WY, was on hand
at Booth’s Cherry Creek Ranch annual Angus sale and added
several top bulls. — Photo by
Jim Gies

l-r Sam Sewell and his son Scott, from Newcastle, WY, both repeat
customers, were very active buyers at the Feb. 12 Booth’s Cherry
Creek Ranch sale in Veteran, WY. — Photo by Jim Gies