Feb 20, 2009

Animal ID shouldn’t be mandatory

Dear Pete, I wanted to comment on your Comments—COOL is cool. I totally agree with your assessment of COOL and your comments in reference to NAIS. I agree that we should let the marketplace work its magic. We have been using the animal ID program along with BVD testing of calves at branding and use both in marketing our calf crop. I have always opposed mandatory ID and have said that if it became mandatory, I would likely stop the ID part. Currently, I believe we have been rewarded in the marketplace for our efforts.

At some point in time when a larger percentage of the calf crops are aged and sourced, the advantage may become less noticeable.

However, if some form of the above is not done, it will likely be noticeable in a negative way. I always read your comments.

Thank you, John Falen Orovada, NV

PS—I appreciate that you printed now president Gary Voogt’s letter to the editor. As vice chair of the Public Lands Committee, we appreciate Gary’s interest on our public land issues. His being from Michigan— he has had a straight up learning curve. Thank you,