Ford County Feedyard honored as Hereford Industry Innovator

Feb 13, 2009
by WLJ
Ford County Feedyard honored as Hereford Industry Innovator

Ford County Feedyard Inc. was presented the American Hereford Association Hereford Industry Innovator Award. Danny Herrmann, yard owner and manager, was presented the award at the National Western Stock Show Hereford Carload and Pen Show in Denver, CO, Jan. 15. Ford County Feedyard, Ford, KS, has been a licensed Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) cattle feeder since 2004 and a participating Hereford Verified yard since the program’s inception in 2005. Herrmann is one of the most prolific buyers of Hereford feeder cattle in the country. He annually feeds 20,000-25,000 Hereford-influenced cattle. Jim Williams, CHB LLC vice president of supply, says, “The impact made by Ford County many times goes undetected with the countless times it was runner-up bidder, whether in the country, at the sale barn or on the video. Ford County has helped re-establish the bar for Hereford feeder cattle, bidding on thousands of loads of Hereford-influenced cattle.”

Herrmann has managed the yard since 1990 and says he enjoys feeding Herefords. “The performance on them has always been good and we have built a unique marketing arrangement with National (Beef Packing Co. LLC) that has been advantageous.”

While Ford County Feedyard buys some of the Herefords to feed, Herrmann says many of the cattle are from producers who want to retain ownership. Either way, the feed yard can get performance and carcass data back to the raiser. “I enjoy getting data back for these producers. It helps these guys identify a problem if there is one and correct it, or continue to find ways to improve their genetics.”

Ford County Feedyard is a familyowned, custom feeder with a 50,000-head capacity, marketing more than 120,000 head per year. The operation was founded in 1972 by Herrmann’s father, George, and partners. The Herrmann family maintains full ownership of the facility, which also includes a 3,000-head starting yard managed by Herrmann’s brother John, and a farming enterprise managed by his brother Ronnie. — WLJ