Ranching school offers valuable education

Feb 13, 2009
by WLJ
Ranching school offers valuable education

The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) announces an exciting opportunity for ranchers to learn valuable tips to help protect their ranching investments. The 15th Annual School for Successful Ranching will take place March 20-21 at the TSCRA Annual Convention in Fort Worth, TX, and will address the importance of protecting ranching operations during tough economical times.

“Fluctuating input costs, constricted financial times, and unpredictable weather patterns have all contributed to ranchers’ bottom lines this year,” TSCRA President Jon Means said. “We want cattle producers to have all the information and tools needed in order to make critical decisions during difficult times. Ranchers attending this year’s school can participate in a variety of educational opportunities that will help them protect their investments in the future.”

Headlining this year’s School for Successful Ranching is Ann Barnhardt, founder of Barnhardt Capital Management. Barnhardt will present a six-hour marketing program for ranchers enrolled in the school.

Day one of TSCRA’s School for Successful Ranching offers two different tracks consisting of four one-hour sessions that can be customized to fit the needs of producers.

The second day will focus on preventing ranch asset theft, the new political environment the cattle industry faces, and will conclude with a panel discussion on keeping profit levels stable.

You can register online at www.texascattleraisers.org. Over 2,000 ranchers and landowners will gather in Fort Worth for a weekend of programs and educational sessions, a trade show with more than 200 companies, networking and fellowship with fellow cattle raisers.