WCA/WSU Bull Test 80-day progress report

Jan 30, 2009
by WLJ
WCA/WSU Bull Test 80-day progress report

The 16th Annual Washington Cattleman’s Association (WCA) sponsored WCA/ Washinton State University (WSU) Bull Test has issued a progress report for the first 80-day test period of their 120-day feed test. The test is being conducted at the WSU Research Center at Prosser, WA. One hundred three bulls are being tested this year, comprised of Angus, Red Angus, Polled and Horned Herefords, ChiAngus, Gelbvieh, SimAngus and Simmentals. These bulls represent the top genetics from 38 of the Northwest’s top seedstock producing herds. A high percentage of the bulls on test are sired by the top nationally known AI sires. These bulls range in age from Jan. 1, 2008, to March 31, 2008. The sale is scheduled for March 25, 2009, at the WSU Research Center at Prosser.

Additionally, for the fourth year, the WCA Allied Industries members will sponsor a trade show. Starting at 8:00 a.m. sale day, this trade show will include booths and presentations of interest to livestock producers. A complimentary tri-tip barbeque lunch will also be held at the trade show. All of these events are free, thanks to the sponsorship of the WCA Allied Industry members.

Prior to the sale, a social hour and forum will be conducted the evening of March 24. Featured speaker will be Larry Gran, territory manager for Pfizer Animal Genetics. His topic will be “Transforming livestock production through technology.”

Only 75 percent of the bulls of each breed will be allowed to sell, based on the Test Final Station Index (1/2 ADG and 1/2 Adjusted Yearling Weight Index), structure, physical, and breeding soundness evaluation.

A low birth EPD section for Angus will be separated. Thirty-one bulls qualified for this division with a 2.0 BEPD or less and an actual birth weight of 85 pounds or less. The average ADG for the 103 bulls was 3.54, with a 3.13 pound WDA. All of these bulls were worked and weighed electronically by scales and working chute that were made available by donations and corporate sponsorships from Big R Supply and Powder River Livestock Handling Equipment. All bulls will have ultrasound data collected that is available to the public. All bulls will have Performance EPDs and most will have Carcass EPDs available.


(ADG-3.59, WDA-3.13) The 65 head of Angus recorded an ADG of 3.59 lbs. as a group. They were led by a Feb. 1 son of SS Objective T510-0T26 that is gaining 4.86 lbs. per day. This 1,290 lb. bull is consigned by Jay and Connie Kayser of Centerville, WA. Schultz & Sons of Reardan, WA, has the second high gaining Angus on a Jan. 18 son of Connealy Danny Boy that has gained 4.79 lbs. per day. The next high gaining Angus was a Feb. 21 son of Rito 2V1 of 2536-1407 that gained 4.50 lbs. per day for McIntosh Angus of Pullman, WA. The top WDA of the Angus was 3.70 lbs. on a March 4 son of Connealy Thunder consigned by Columbia Gorge Angus of Washougal, WA. Fourteen of the 65 Angus on test gained over 4 lbs. per day through the 80-day period.

Horned & Polled Herefords

(ADG-3.29, WDA-3.19) The six head of Herefords were led by a polled, March 13 son of Remitall Boomer 46B consigned by Nordlicht Herefords of Addy, WA. He posted a 3.89 ADG and also recorded the highest WDA of 3.82 lbs.

Red Angus

(ADG – 4.08, WDA – 3.05) The eight Red Angus bulls were led by a Jan. 11 son of LCC Ribeye A133L consigned by Mitchell Red Angus of Lebanon, OR. This bull leads the Red Angus test with a 4.61 lb. ADG. Mitchell’s also have the top WDA on a Jan. 5 son of LSF Combination A301M. He posted 3.49 WDA with the second highest ADG of 4.59.


(ADG-3.28, WDA 3.03) The seven Simmentals were led with an ADG of 4.36 lbs. on a Feb. 16 black, polled son of PVF Black Joker consigned by Powerline Simmentals of Oregon City, OR. The top WDA of 3.50 was posted on a Feb. 12 black, polled son of Daume Legend M081 consigned by Schriever Simmentals of Mollala, OR.


(ADG 3.36, WDA 3.44) The top ADG of 4.38 lbs. was recorded on a Jan. 30 son of Ad’s Nebraska of 851 consigned by Schriever Simmentals of Mollala, OR. Schriever also had an Ad’s Nebraska of 851 son that recorded the top WDA of 3.66 lbs.


(ADG-3.19, WDA-3.13) The six head of ChiAngus were topped on a Feb. 6 son of DR J Analyst M250 consigned by Grassland Farms of Canby, OR, with an ADG of 4.61 lbs. Grassland also entered the top WDA bull. He was a Feb. 23 son of HSAF Bando 1961 that recorded a WDA of 3.51.


(ADG-3.43, WDA-2.92) The five head of Gelbvieh bulls were led by a Feb. 20 son of Mr. Black Cross 3002N consigned by NN Bar Ranch of Creston, WA, that gained 3.90 lbs. The top WDA of 3.06 lbs. was recorded by a Feb. 26 son of Bennett Landmark J377. He was also consigned by NN Bar Ranch.