Curtis Custom Feeders beefing up staff and profits

Jan 16, 2009
by WLJ
Curtis Custom Feeders beefing up staff and profits

Longtime family feeding operation Curtis Custom Feeders, located in Connell, WA, is challenging the current economic climate. Jeff Curtis, owner and president, has hired Robert H. “Bob” Lundgren, DVM as the feedlot general manager. Lundgren, well known as manager of McGregor Feedlot and owner of Lundgren, Inc. Feedlot in Pasco, WA, brings a lifetime of experience in cattle feeding. He’s a true cattleman, a rancher and a veterinarian. At Curtis Custom Feeders, Lundgren heads up cattle feeding, procurement and customer relations.

Jeff Curtis has hands-on involvement in many areas. He personally reads the feed bunks at 1:30 each morning, entering the day’s feeding schedule for each pen into the Cattle Expert Computer System. The information is transmitted to the main computer in the office—in what is known as realtime—as it is fed. Jeff is involved in data analysis, risk management, nutrition and financing.

Competitive rates for cattle and feed financing are available for feedlot customers. Curtis Custom Feeders, in operation for 18 years, may be the Northwest’s best kept secret. The facility has been improved with new pens and feed mill. They haul cattle, hay and other commodities through their own trucking company. Curtis has longterm potato contracts with local processors enabling them to consistently formulate economical rations.

Summertime is considerably more comfortable at the Curtis yard due to the sophisticated dust control and cooling system. It controls 100 percent of the dust and keeps cattle comfortable.

For more information, contact Curtis Custom Feeders 509/234-0185, Jeff Curtis 509/539-2114, or Bob Lundgren, 509/366- 6080. — WLJ