SALE reports

Sale Reports
Jan 9, 2009
by WLJ
SALE reports
BURGESS ANGUS RANCH performance EPDs as well as car- Sale Manager: family can be justifiably proud of their $4,700. SB 122L Mandi 12P ET, Dec. 12, Homedale, ID cass EPDs. Those in attendance National Cattle Service, Inc. contribution to the Polled Hereford 1/18/04, by Remitall Online 122L, 51 Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,011 were treated to an excellent sale This was without question a bit- Auctioneer: Trent Stewart lunch and the Burgess hospitality was tersweet day for Frank Rodgers and This was appreciated by everyone. TOPS: Bar his family as his famed herd of Polled the first-ever X Tenderline U131, 1/17/08, by Sum- Hereford cattle were dispersed to the production mitcrest Tenderline; to Dennis Stan- four winds. I cannot imagine the emo- sale for Doug ford, Jordan Valley, OR, $2,700. Bar tions that Frank and his family went and Janice X Strategy U116, 1/11/08, by SAF through this day as 60 years of breed- Burgess and Strategy 9015; to Al Bettman, Jordan ing and selection was paraded through despite the Valley, OR, $2,600. Bar X Strategy the sale ring. The unmeasurable effort winter weath- U138, 1/21/08, by SAF Strategy and dedication that it took to build this er and an iffy 9015; to Al Bettman, $2,600. Bar X herd into what it was is remarkable.

market, they Tenderline U103, 12/26/07, by Sum- On the other hand, it surely had to be had a very mitcrest Tenderline; to Morgan personally satisfying for the Rodgers good first-time event. This is a pro- Ranches, Jordan Valley, OR, $2,600. family to see their cattle in such strong gram that has been proven and had Bar X Midland T164, 8/20/07, by demand. The sale barn was full of a successful track record selling bulls Rockn D Midland 2408; to Trevor people, despite a raw winter day, and privately and their first sale attracted Thompson, Richfield, ID, $2,600. — the Internet hummed with bids all day a very strong crowd of cattlemen from JERRY YORK long as the sale progressed. In a the trade area. The Burgesses also FRANK RODGERS AND SONS dispersion sale, typically all known run a commercial operation that has COMPLETE DISPERSION bumps, bruises and blemishes are helped them in breeding the kind of Dec. 20, Buhl, ID called on the cattle as they enter the bulls that will work and produce effi- 173 Females . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,138 sale ring. At this sale, only a couple of cient value-added cattle for their cus- 3 3/4 Bulls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,600 comments were made along this line tomers. The bulls were well presented 176 3/4 Lots . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,275 and that speaks volumes as to the and well received by the buying Auctioneers: animal husbandry that was present in crowd. The bulls sold with complete Eddie Sims and Matt Sims this herd. Frank Rodgers and his The Trusted Brand for Ranch Equipment and Supplies Gates Corral Systems, Entry Panels & Bow Gates Bale Feeders Livestock Wildlife industry and the cattle business in general. TOPS—Bulls: C Maui Jim ET, 9/4/05, by DM BR L1 Domino 146; to Stallings Polled Herefords, Eugene, OR, 1/4 interest, 1/2 possession, $11,100. SHF Phoenix M33 P68, 2/25/04, by SHF Marshal 2360 M33; to Diamond J Farms, Beaver, OK, 1/2 interest and full possession, $10,200. Females: KJ C&L J119 Enchantment 810P ET, 2/27/04, by Remitall Online 122L, bred to C Maui Jim ET; to T Bone Ranch, Antonito, CO, $8,200. Heritage 564 Vickie 660S ET, 10/9/06, by KJW M WSF Trail Boss 47N ET, with her 10/15/08 heifer calf by WSF Oak Ridge Victor 034; to CX Capital Co. and Cache Cattle Co., Burley, ID, $6,800. RPH Miss Time 29N, 3/17/03, by KJ SPH 520E Right Time 192K, bred to SHF Phoenix M33 P68, with her 3/18/08 heifer calf by RPH Deputy 2P; to Bent Creek LLC, North Royalton, OH, $6,700. RPH Angie 69S, 3/17/06, by SHF Phoenix M33 P68, bred to C Maui Jim ET; to Ned and Jan Ward, Sheridan, WY, $5,300. Her 2/28/08 heifer calf, by KJ SPH 520E Right Time 192K; to T Bone Ranch, $2,200.

Star 2013 Bette Beth 192R, 2/11/05, by HB Star Battle Ground 2013, bred to WSF Engineer 606; to Bent Creek LLC, $5,000. Her 3/1/08 bull calf, by SB 122L Pride Line 32N ET; to Whitman Ranch, Culdesac, ID, $1,000.

RPH Crystal 26P, 3/13/04, by SHF Marshall 236G M33, bred to WSF Engineer 606; to Bent Creek LLC, $4,000. Her 5/5/08 bull calf, by SHF bred to SHF Phoenix M33 P68; to Pollard Farms, Waukomis, OK, $4,600. — JERRY YORK SEEDSTOCK PLUS 5TH ANNUAL COMMERCIAL FEMALE SALE Dec. 6, Monte Vista, CO 200 Bred heifers . . . . . . . . $1,200 Auctioneer: Chris Downare Seedstock Plus hosted the 5th annual Seedstock Plus influence commercial female sale on Dec. 6, 2008, at Southern Colorado Livestock in Monte Vista, CO. 265 head of bred females from 4 area producers that are customers of Seedstock Plus sold on an active market. The sale was a success for the fifth straight year and established a strong market price for top-end bred heifers. Close to 200 bred heifers averaged over $1,200 with the majority of the heifers selling between $1,000 and $1,400. Topping the offering was T-Heart Ranch with a group of black Angus cross bred heifers AI’d to N Bar Primetime. Fetal sexed carrying heifer calves, one group brought $1,450 and the second sold for $1,400 per head. Another group ultrasounded with heifer calves sold for $1,300, and a group carrying bull calves brought $1,250. Represented groups and prices: 8 head black heifers carrying heifer calves; T-Heart Ranch, $1,450. 13 head black heifers carrying heifer calves; T-Heart Ranch, $1,400. 21 head black heifers carrying heifer calves; T- Heart Ranch, $1,300. 21 head black heifers carrying bull calves; T-Heart Ranch, $1,250. 5 Phoenix M33 P68; to Bent Creek head red heifers bred to Red Angus Pasture Wire- Filled

LLC, $3,000. RPH Maiden 96T, 3/23/07, by SHF Phoenix M33 P68, bred to SB 19D 54E Buckle 50T ET; to Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, ID, bull; Hutchinson Ranch, $1,200. 4 head 5-year-old bred cows; Cherry Creek Ranch, $850. — SEEDSTOCK PLUS SEEDSTOCK PLUS 3RD ANNUAL FEEDER CALF SALE Dec. 4, Monte Vista, CO No averages available Seedstock Plus hosted the third annual Seedstock Plus Influenced Feeder Calf Sale on Dec. 4, 2008, at Southern Colorado Livestock in Monte Vista, CO. The sale was a success with additional buyer interest for these calves, including Gelbvieh Profit Partners, who purchased a semi load. Over 400 head were sold from customers of Seedstock Plus. The majority of the calves were steers with lot sizes from 4 to 70 head. All of the calves were weaned and vaccinated and a select few were source and age verified. The added value was realized for these management practices.

This was a successful event for Seedstock Plus, Southern Colorado Livestock, and producers in the area. This sale is an example of Seedstock Plus’ commitment to adding value to our customers through their Marketing Assistance Program. Representative Sales—Steers: 27 blk/bwf, 489 lbs.; 4C Ranch, $107. 4 blk, 511 lbs.; Cash, $105. 48 blk/bwf, 562 lbs.; 4C Ranch, $96. 41 mix, 610 lbs.; Armstrong, $85. 74 blk/bwf, 697 lbs.; Shawcroft, $84. 8 blk/bwf, 771 lbs.; Mondragon, $82.50. Heifers: 11 mix, 456 lbs.; Hutchinson Ranch, $84.50.

4 red, 480 lbs.; Cash, $85. 33 mix, 550 lbs.; Armstrong, $82. 27 red/blk, 581 lbs.; Candelaria, $82.25. — SEEDSTOCK PLUS