SALE reports

Sale Reports
Dec 16, 2008
by WLJ

SALE reports


Sept. 13, Canova, SD 81 Female Herefords. . . . . .$2,710
3 Hereford bulls. . . . . . . . . . . 1,767
Hereford embryo lots gross . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11,170
211 Angus females . . . . . . . . 2,430
Auctioneers: Roger Jacobs and Matt Sims Sale Management: MCS Auctions

Lance and Duane Pankratz, their families, and their crew presented two outstanding sets of seedstock here in this two-day event. With a change in the approach and solidifying the operation, the decision was made to disperse the Herefords.

Solid genetics and performance plus function, and all found a ready market. On the second day, the Angus production sale was held. A young set of cows, heifers and bred heifer were offered. All the pedigrees and EPDs were at the top of the game in addition to eye appeal and carcass traits, again steady selling. Cattle scattered to a wide area of the U.S., with some volume buying. Note an Angus embryo and semen auction was held the evening of the first day with strong selling. TOPS—Hereford: LLD Golden Jewel B8 157, 5/10/01, daughter of CS Pure Gold 98170, bred to HUTH Class Act 5037; to Green Meadows Farms, Jasper, IN, $4,400.

La Grand Sheridan 361, 9/2/03, daughter of RJH New Dimension K40, with heifer calf by Reload; Matt Fuss, Pawnee, OK, $4,100. Patriot x Remitall La Grand Catalina 34N, pregnancy due 8/26/08, baby heifer calf by side; Wooden Shoe Farm, Blackfoot, ID, $4,000. La Grand Mary 101R, 8/31/05, daughter of NJW 1Y Wrangler 190, with baby heifer calf by Schu-Lar 5N; Beef Tech, Aberdeen, SD, $3,900. Angus: La Grand Mignonne 3214, 10/6/03, daughter of EXT, bred to Duff/WBCC New Look 6370; Stewart Johnson, Tupelo, MS, $16,500. La Grand Primrose 8301, 2/1/08, daughter of B C Marathon 7022; Broken Arrow Ranch & Brad Schnoor, both of Live Oak, CA, $16,000. Three Trees Blackbird 4504, flush to bull of the buyer’s choice; Pollard Angus LLC, Waukomis, OK, and MCS, Edmond OK, $10,000. La Grand Forever Lady 3139, 2/13/03, daughter of Summitcrest High Prime 0H29, bred to Rito Revenue 5M2; Bushy Park Farm Cattle Co., Highland, MD, $9,500. La Grand Georgina 3002, 7/13/03, daughter of EXT, bred to BC Marathon 7022; Bushy Park Farm Cattle Co., $7,500. — JIM GIES


Sept. 10, Firebaugh, CA 212 Bulls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,580
Auctioneers: Rick Machado and John Rodgers Sale Manager: Matt Macfarlane

A volume offering of Angus bulls with a number of Red Angus bulls included from this reputation purebred firm along with YORK partner Tri T Farms pulled in a good-sized crowd of commercial cattleman. Among the crowd was a strong contingent of repeat customers that have used these genetics and had great successes, bringing them back year after year. In addition to having the bulls presented in excellent sale condition and displayed for easy access, the bulls all sold with complete performance and carcass information. As one would expect with an offering of this size, the sale moved at a rapid pace with active bidding. This sale moved a volume number of bulls in 7068, 1/18/07, by OC 208 New Design 402; La Laguna Ranches, Los Alamos, CA, $6,400. Silveiras Way Out West 7003, 1/1/07, by Silverias Way Out West 3527; Triange T Ranch, Chowchilla, CA, 1/2 interest $6,300. Silverias 208 Design 7001, 1/1/07, by Bon View New Design 208; USP, Lompoc, CA, $6,000. Toledo In Focus 512 7007, 1/13/07, by Mytty In Focus; USP, $6,000. Silveiras M811 Total 7120, 2/12/07, by Tehama Total M811; Hultgren Livestock, Winton, CA, $5,800. Red Angus bull: Silveiras Major League 7371, 1/8/07, by LCC Major League A502M; Settrini Ranches, Salinas, CA, $4,500. — JERRY YORK

Sept. 20, Billings, MT 180 Cow/calf pairs. . . . . . . .$2,765 84
Bred heifers . . . . . . . . . . . 1,537
Auctioneers: Roger Jacobs and Ty Thompson

Joe & Linda Goggins and family gathered an enthusiastic crowd of buyers for their registered Angus herd dispersion here at the Public Auctions Yards in Billings, MT. The cattle selling were primarily of Vermilion breeding and sold to buyers from a wide area. It was a snappy auction throughout with the end result a very good one. TOPS—Cow/calf pairs: Vermilion Pattie 6507, 3/09/06, by Connealy Danny Boy carrying a bull calf by Vermilion X Factor; Vermilion Ranch, Billings MT, $4,100. Her 2/02/08 heifer calf sired by TC Franklin 619; Vermilion, $4,100. VNAR Lass 288A, 12/18/00, by BAR Ext Traveler 205 carrying a calf by a Vermilion sire; strong fashion in the face of some Christensen 3C Ranch, Wessington negatives that the industry has been Springs, SD, $1,750. Her 03/04/08 facing, a strong statement in favor of heifer calf by Connealy Danny Boy; the breeding program. Volume buyers Les Kraft, LaPorte, IN, $6,200. Ver- included Phillip Martin, Madera, CA, milion Rosella 6281, 02/27/06, by and Romero and Ferrara Ranch, San Vermilion Payweight J847, carrying a Jose, CA. TOPS: Silveiras 5076 Total bull calf by

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