SALE reports

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Dec 9, 2008
SALE reports
Nov. 24, Columbus, MT
12 Bull calves. . . . . . . . . . . .$3,180
1 Bred heifer. . . . . . . . . . . . . .2,600
18 Heifer calves . . . . . . . . . . .1,672
Auctioneer: Bruce Miller
Sale Management:
Deichmann Livestock
A very strong offering greeted
buyers for the Salers Supreme Sale
at Midland Bull Test Center in Columbus,
MT. The bull and female offerings
were from a dozen Salers breeders
throughout Montana, Wyoming,
North Dakota, Idaho, Minnesota, and
Nebraska. TOPS—Bulls: PRK UPWARD
950U, son of SRS Nokia
9722N; Parke Ranch, Drummond,
MT, to Fox Grape Farm, Piney River,
184U, son of GGT P Redford 18R;
MacDonald Ranches, Bismarck, ND,
to Konow Farms, Franklin, KY, 50
percent interest, $5,000. Females:
PRK KYLA 735T, a bred heifer
daughter of CMC MR JAMACA
M44K; Parke Ranch, to Thurgood
Ranch, Thermopolis, WY, $2,600.
Heifer calf: MAC Miranda 14U,
daughter of S Nebraska 330N; Mac-
Donald Ranches, to Tom Larson,
Kearney, NE, $2,400. — DEICHMANN

Nov. 22, Brewster, NE
66.25 Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,472
45 Bred registered heifers . .1,448
70 Commercial bred heifers 1,175
Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar
Dale Spencer and family held their
annual fall bull sale in addition to a
female production sale on a nice fall
November day. These are consumerfriendly
cattle with emphasis on birth
weight, moderate size, ease of fleshing
and disposition. These traits are
evident in the offering, and buyers
appreciate the program. More important
are the trust and relationships
that are apparent here as many repeat
customers are noted from a
wide area of the country. A fastmoving
sale with good demand, often
competitive, particularly the bull sale.
Females moved at a steady, moderate
pace on a solid set of productive
cattle. TOPS—Bulls: DS 3019 Adv
7602, 3/12/07, son of OXH Advance
3019; Hirsche & Adams, High River,
Alberta, CAN, and Nowata, OK, 3/4
interest and possession, $10,000.
DS 2019 Adv 7616, 3/19/07, son of
OXH Advance 3019; to Zero Hereford
Ranch, Miller, NE, $7,500. DS
Rambo 8046, 4/12/08, son of GH
Rambo 279R; Landgren Ranch, Bartlett,
NE, 1/2 interest and possession,
$7,250. DS Rambo 7655, 4/1/07, son
of GH Rambo 279R; Landgren
Ranch, 3/4 interest and possession,
$5,250. DS Rambo 7736, son of GH
Rambo 279R; to Brett Miller, Merna,
NE, $5,100. Females: DS 3019 MS
Adv 7633, 3/23/07, daughter of OXH
Advance 3019; Bill Kuehn, Hartwell,
NE, $2,500. DS MS Rambo 7805,
5/2/07, daughter of GH Rambo 279R;
Bill Kuehn, $2,400. DS 9065 MS Adv
3610N, 4/26/03, daughter of OXH
Advance 9065, bred to KCF Bennett
M326 S380; Charing Cross Ranch,
Harrison, AR, $2,000. — JIM GIES

Nov. 29, Billings, MT
62 Reg. twos, bulls . . . . . . $3,524
107 Reg. fall bulls . . . . . . . . 3,030
76 Non-reg. twos, bulls. . . . 2,749
66 Reg. bred heifers . . . . . . 1,553
2,234 Comm’l. bred heifers 1,124
Roger Jacobs, Joe Goggins,
Ty Thompson and Bill Cook
This annual fall production sale for
the Vermilion Ranch saw strong,
steady prices throughout for one of
the best offerings yet for this fall sale.
The quality, performance and consistency
went deep into the offering that
features large sire groups from their
proven herd sire lineup. As this sale
is noted for, the large set of commercial
bred heifers were exceptional and
drew a lot of interest. TOPS—Bulls:
Vermilion R158 Frontier T694,
4/15/07, by Vermilion Frontier R158;
to Hilltop Angus, Denton, MT, 2/3 interest,
$9,500. Vermilion Extra T843,
9/12/07, by Nichols Extra K205; to
Cooney Bros., Harlowton, MT, $6,500.
Vermilion R244 Midland T255,
3/16/07, by Vermilion Midland R244;
to John Hines, Gillette, WY, $6,000.
Vermilion Roundup T836, 9/16/07, by
Roundup; to Cooney Bros., $6,000.
Vermilion Danny Boy T830, 8/24/07,
by Connealy Danny boy; to Greet
Ranch, Ten Sleep, WY, $5,750. Commercial
bred heifers: 43 head, AI
bred, bull calves; to Thomas Ranch,
Brian, TX, $1,750 each. 27 head, AI
bred; to Thomas Ranch, $1,550 each.
70 head, AI bred, bull calves; to
Thomas Ranch, $1,500 each. —

Nov. 30 - Dec. 1, Hobson, MT
189 Reg. females. . . . . . . . $5,808
213 Coming two bulls. . . . . 3,571
233 Bull calves. . . . . . . . . . . 3,090
1,001 Comm’l.
bred females . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,222
Roger Jacobs, Joe Goggins
and Steve Doran
Basin Angus Ranch held their fall
production sale over a two-day period
this year, selling the registered
females the first day and the bulls
and commercial females the second
day. Demand was strong for these
cattle from this proven program selling
to buyers from throughout the
U.S. and Canada. The elite registered
females offered featured some
of the Basin’s best breed-leading
genetics and they sold extremely
well. The bulls offered buyers consistent
depth of quality, performance
and type. Cattlemen bought the bulls
readily, many in larger volume, many
that are repeat longtime customers.
The replacement quality commercial
heifers likewise sold readily. TOPS—
Registered females: Basin Lucy
3807, 2/9/03, by Bon View New
Design 1407, dam by Basin Max
602C; to Turner Farms and Cinch
Ring Angus, Satin, TX, sold open,
$115,000. Basin Lucy 338R, 1/18/05,
by Vermilion Payweight J847; to
Rock River Ranch LP, Mount Morris,
IL, $70,000. 21AR Blackcap 7703A,
1/25/07, by Pendleton; to Express
Ranches, Yukon, OK, and Deer
Valley Farms, Fayetteville, TN,
$50,000. Heifer calf pregnancy out
of N Bar Emulation EXT, out of Lucy
178E; to Vintage Angus, Modesto,
CA, $50,000. Bulls: Basin Future
Direction 41T2, 3/26/07, by Basin
Future Direction 3R01; to Randy
Schuring, Andover, SD, $19,000.
Basin Expedition 3T90, 2/5/07, by
Basin Expedition 768J; to Three
Trees Ranch, Sharpsburg, GA,
$11,500. Basin Objective 8372,
2/8/08, by Quaker Hill Objective
3J15; to A & K Farms, Bertrand, NE,
$10,500. Basin Coalition 1T14,
3/12/07, by KCF Bennett Coalition
SCC; to Dan Birkland, Sheyenne,
ND, $8,500. Basin Future Direction
0T03, 3/22/07, by CA Future Direction
5321; to CA Ranch, Three
Forks, MT, $8,000. Basin Bushwacker
358T, 3/23/07, by Basin
Bushwacker 5928; to Pine Springs
Ranch, Williams, AZ, $8,000. Commercial
bred heifers: 44 head, AI
bred; to Cattle Alliance LLC, Golden,
CO, $1,450 each. 44 head, AI bred;
to Mike and Julie Livingston, Statton,
CO, $1,425 each. 45 head, AI bred,
to Doug Wirth, Oak Harbor, WA,
$1,425 each. Commercial bred
cows: 20 head, young cows; to
Meyer Brothers Farm, Bowling
Green, MO, $1,325 each. — JERRY

Bill Garrison, Glen, MT, purchased
one of the top selling
bulls at Courtney Herefords annual
Bull Sale held in St. Onge,
SD. — Photo by Pete Crow

Sharon Nottingham from
Burns, CO, purchased several
top bulls at the Courtney Hereford
Bull Sale held in St. Onge,
SD. — Photo by Pete Crow