WESTERN wanderings

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Dec 9, 2008

WESTERN wanderings

The fall sale season is about wrapped up for me and in retrospect, it wasn’t all that bad. I know that averages were down, as well as grosses, but with conditions the way they were, and are, it was not all that bad of a sale season. When my fall sale season got underway, little did I know that I would be wrapping up the season with a complete dispersion of one of our industry’s good guys. My good friend, Frank Rodgers, Buhl, ID, is pulling the string and we will be selling his entire herd of Polled Hereford cattle on Dec. 20. Frank Rodgers has, if not the premier herd of Polled Herefords in the Northwest, certainly one of the best. He has spent a lifetime building this reputation herd of cattle and along the way, he has made many friends. I

have never heard Frank say a bad word about anybody, and you never hear anybody say a bad word about Frank. Anybody that knows Frank Rodgers can testify that he is one of the great cattlemen in our business and also one of the hardest workers you will ever run across. It was that hard work and dedication to the Polled Hereford breed that made his cattle highly sought after. For many years, Frank would take his bulls and females to the various consignment sales and without fail, he would always show and sell at the very top. Some years back he decided to have his own production sale, and each year turned in solid results.

I know I’m not the only one who’s going to miss going to Frank’s sale each spring, but he says it’s time to slow down. Best of luck to you, Frank, and Margaret. Frank, know that you made a difference in our industry.

Wander, wander…My good friend and traveling companion Butch Booker, Colfax, WA, won the International Auctioneer’s Championship this summer and has been busy representing the National Auctioneer’s Association at various events. Just recently, Butch traveled to Memphis, TN, to sell a charity auction for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

St. Jude is a nationally recognized hospital that does a tremendous job in researching and helping children stricken with cancer. It was founded by entertainer Danny Thomas and formed a partnership with the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) in 1995. Since then, NAA has helped raise $3.7 million for this very worthwhile charity. I know Butch jumped at the chance to do this event because that’s the way he is. Throughout the year, Butch does a lot of these auctions, including many of the county fair junior sales. He believes in giving something back to the profession that has served him so well. Congratulations, “Butcher.”

More wandering…Recently I was on a flight from Boise, ID, to Salt Lake City, UT, for Gib Yardley’s female sale and a couple sat down in the seats next to me. As he was getting settled, he tossed a WLJ paper on the seat. Well, as you can imagine, that got my attention. I told him he was reading a mighty fine paper. He looked at me and said, “You look familiar.” I said, “Well, I have worked for that paper for a long time.” We introduced ourselves and it turns out it was Roy and Mary Ann Anderson, Baker City, OR. We had a great visit talking about people we knew, cattle and horses. It was the fastest flight to Salt Lake I have ever had, and also one of the most enjoyable. It was a pleasure to meet you, Roy and Mary Ann, and thanks for being loyal WLJ readers.

Jerry York