American Angus Association inducts Angus Heritage Foundation honorees

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Dec 2, 2008

American Angus Association inducts Angus Heritage Foundation honorees

The American Angus Association (AAA) Board of Directors selected five individuals for induction to the Angus Heritage Foundation (AHF). Each year, a select group of individuals who have made significant contributions by dedicating their time, knowledge and efforts to the improvement and advancement of the Angus breed are inducted into AHF. The 2008 inductees include Minnie Lou Bradley, Memphis, TX; Joseph S. Schaff, Bismarck, ND; Robert Schlutz, Columbus Junction, IA; and Richard Wilson, Saint Joseph, MO. Roy Wallace, formerly of Plain City, OH, was inducted posthumously.

A special recognition of the inductees was held during AAA’s annual banquet Nov. 17 in Louisville, KY. Each inductee or their family received a framed AHF certificate and their names will be engraved on a permanent AHF plaque in the association headquarters in Saint Joseph, MO. Photos and brief biographies will be included in the next printed edition of the AHF booklet that lists inductees from AHF’s inception in 1983. A brief biography of the inductees follows.

Minnie Lou Bradley

Angus cattle have been the livelihood and the passion for Minnie Lou Bradley, Memphis, TX. Bradley 3 Ranch, Ltd. strives to produce bulls with a set of balanced traits and performance records for the commercial producer and has been submitting performance records since the inception of Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR).

Seeing a need for high quality beef for consumers that also rewards cattlemen, Bradley and her family built a USDA beef processing plant in 1986 that later became the first supplier of Certified Angus Beef (CAB) brand Natural. Bradley became the first woman president of AAA in 2005. She was also the first woman to compete on an intercollegiate livestock judging team and the first female to earn a degree in animal husbandry from Oklahoma State University. Because she has paved the way for young women in the cattle business, The National Cowgirl Hall of Fame inducted Bradley in 2006. She has won numerous awards, including the Beef Industry Federation Pioneer Award in 2001, BEEF magazine’s Top 40 in 2004, and in 2008, Bradley 3 Ranch, Ltd. received a regional National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Environmental Stewardship Award.

Joseph S. Schaff

Since 1943, Joseph (Joe) Schaff has taken an active role in breeding and promoting Angus cattle. A few years later, Schaff developed his own cow herd, Schaff’s Angus Ranch, at Bismarck, ND. Although in semi-retirement now, he has been a seedstock producer for more than 60 years and has sold cattle into nearly every state in the nation and several foreign countries. At one time, the ranch was home to more than 800 cows, making it the largest cow/calf operation in North Dakota. In the 1980s and 90s, Schaff’s Angus Ranch ranked among the top five nationally in the number of Pathfinder cows. Schaff was a pioneer in performance testing and carcass evaluation. He began submitting AHIR records in 1972.

Robert Schlutz

Robert (Bob) Schlutz, Columbus Junction, IA, has been a fervent promoter and breeder of Angus cattle for 59 years. He’s enjoyed showing and judging and has been a huge supporter of youth programs. For more than 40 years, Schlutz has hosted production sales and submitted performance records to the AHIR program.

In the last six years as a director for AAA, he has served on the Activities and Member Services committees and was the vice chairman for two years on the Finance committee. He’s the immediate past chairman of the Angus Foundation Board.

Schlutz sat on the CAB LLC Board for seven years prior to becoming an association board member. He and his family operate Da-Es-Ro Angus Farms, home to more than 200 registered Angus females. He has served on the Iowa State Fair Board for 17 years, serving two of those years as president.

Richard Wilson

A native of northwest Missouri, Richard Wilson, Saint Joseph, MO, is the vice president of finance for AAA. He started with the organization in 1969 as controller and was promoted to his current position in 2004. Wilson also serves as the secretary and treasurer of Angus Productions, Inc., CAB LLC, and Angus Genetics, Inc. He introduced the budgeting process, early in his career, to the association and designed a budgeting program to follow. Wilson developed and manages the association’s investment portfolios. He graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 1966 and earned a Masters of Business Administration in 1977. Prior to his tenure with the association, Wilson was employed by the State Auditor of Iowa and Ernst and Ernst.

Roy Wallace

Ohio born, raised and proud, Roy Wallace attended Ohio State University where he was active in the Saddle and Sirloin Club, livestock and meats judging teams, Little International, and the Delta Theta Sigma Fraternity. In 1967, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science and began his career with Select Sires, Plain City, OH. He was promoted to vice president of Beef Programs 20 years later. Wallace traveled throughout the U.S. and to foreign countries and realized the important role that European breeds would make on the beef industry in his homeland. He put emphasis on performance records and assisted in the development of Select Synch and CIDR Select. He helped launch the Beef Improvement Federation and was later awarded their Continuing Service and Pioneer Awards. In 2004, he was selected as one of the top 40 people in the beef industry by BEEF magazine. Wallace unexpectedly passed away earlier this year. — WLJ