44 Farms and Ankony Farms merge Angus cattle operations

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Aug 29, 2008
by WLJ

44 Farms and Ankony Farms merge Angus cattle operations
44 Farms and Ankony Farms announced the merger of their Angus cattle operations. The new combined Angus cattle program represents a total of 166 years in agricultural production in the U.S. and creates an inventory of over 3,000 registered Angus cattle.

The merger provides grassroots purebred Angus operations from the Pacific Coast in Terrebonne, OR, to the Atlantic coast in Clarkesville, GA, to a home in the heartland of America in the Sandhills of North Platte, NE, to the rich river bottom land of 44 Farms deep in the heart of Texas.

It is the vision and mission of 44 Ankony Farms to provide consumers around the world with the very finest eating experience through nutritious and delicious Angus beef. 44 Ankony Farms is blessed to be able to provide the highest quality Angus genetics and responsive customer service to cattle breeders throughout the U.S. and the world.

The genetically strong and high performing Angus herds of 44 Farms and Ankony Farms were further enhanced by the 2007 acquisition of the entire Angus herd of Bill and Barbara Rishel of North Platte, NE. Their lifelong devotion to the Angus breed, teamwork and friendship have been and continue to be instrumental in the furtherance of the quality of the 44 Ankony Farms program and the Angus breed. The Rishel prefix of B/R is found in more than 1,500,000 current Angus three-generation pedigrees.

"We are very excited about the opportunities, extraordinary product quality, and outstanding service that this alliance provides our customers. The knowledge, integrity and commitment to customer service that Virgil Lovell, Tom Hill and Bill and Barb Rishel possess inspires us all," said Bob McClaren, CEO of 44 Farms.

The merged Angus programs of 44 Farms and Ankony Farms also includes the ownership of over 220 registered Angus females that record a Dollar Beef Index of $60 or more, which places those females in the top 1 percent of the Angus breed, and more than 274 females that score a Marbling EPD in the top 2 percent of the Angus breed.

"I have been in Angus business all of my life and these combined operations represent some of the finest cattle that I have ever seen. It is a credit to Bill and Barb Rishel, 44 Farms and the wonderful men and women of Ankony Farms. These proven Angus genetics can help cattle breeders around the world and provide consumers a great tasting product," said Lovell, CEO of Ankony Farms.

With the increased number of animal units, 44 Ankony Farms will be able to further enhance its ability to gather structured carcass data through its association with Prather Ranch in California. The merger also provides opportunities for the furtherance of marketing alliances with Niman Ranch Meat Company, Oregon Country Beef, Painted Hills Beef, Superior Livestock Auctions and Western Video Market. WLJ