Hagata Ranch celebrates 100 years

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Sep 20, 2004
by WLJ
A large crowd of nearly 400 cattle people attended the Hagata Ranch Centennial Celebration, September 4, Susanville, CA. Located some 100 miles north of Reno, NV, off Highway 395, Frank Hagata's father, John, founded the ranch in 1904 in Lassen County, one of the premier ranching counties in the state.
In attendance was a big crowd of mostly ranch people. Everything for the day was perfect, weather, the delicious barbeque and some of the best live western music that can be heard. This is dry country but the Hagata's herd of some 500 mothers cows were content to graze in greener-than-normal pastures located nearby.
Frank and Bernice Hagata, are a couple well known throughout the state. Bernice served for nine years as the range representative for the California Cattlemen's Association on the California Beef Council, starting in 1992.
Their son, Daron, and his wife, Tatty, are their ranch partners. The father-and-son team does most of the ranch work. The cows are calved out in the spring and after the calves are weaned in November, are held until January and then sold. An average weight on the steers between 6-7 months is 650 pounds. All the calves are by Angus bulls and branded halfway down the left leg with a Box H.
The Hagatas also have two daughters. The oldest is Darcy Hanson and her husband, Jack. The other daughter is, Teri, who is married to Joe Bertotto.
Frank and Bernice celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary September 1.
Frank's father and his mother, the former Anne Bouret, no doubt took a lot of pride in their ranch and their family. There were five children and the survivors include Frank and two sisters, Marie Simmons and Henrietta Always. — Dick Crow, WLJ Publisher Emeritus