States offer online premise registration

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Sep 13, 2004
by WLJ
Most state departments of agriculture have already begun the task of identifying farms, feedlots, auction barns, and slaughter facilities that handle food animals within their state's borders, and preparing them for individual animal identification and traceback.
However, the manner in which those "premises" are registered range from written forms, phone calls, and formal state livestock agency visits. Two Midwest states have actually tried to implement more modern technology into their system to simplify the registration process.
Illinois and Wisconsin are both offering producers the opportunity to register their premises via the Internet.
The Illinois Agriculture Department has established an online registration process to identify food animal facilities. The goal in Illinois is to identify every food animal facility by September 1 next year.
The registration process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and consists of a short application that asks for a premise's street and mailing addresses, phone number, a description of the operation and the specie, or species of livestock, it handles.
Menus are provided to ease the process and allow similar facilities to be categorized the same way. After the form is submitted, the facility will be issued a federal premise identification number. State officials said that most responses will be made via e-mail, but that producer's without any e-mail capabilities will be able to receive their number by regular mail, or by contacting the state's livestock office.
The online application for Illinois producers is posted on the Illinois Department of Agriculture's
Web site at Telephone registration is also available, by calling 800/273-4763.
In Wisconsin, any livestock operation can register using the system that will be used when statewide registration becomes mandatory January 1, 2006. The registration form in Wisconsin is available by accessing the Web site
Wisconsin's ID database and trackback system was approved by USDA, and earlier this year, as the protocol approved to be utilized on a nationwide basis, once the voluntary national program is put into full implementation.
Illinois and Wisconsin are part of a five-state consortium that will develop and implement the national animal identification system in the Great Lakes region. — WLJ