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Sep 20, 2007
by WLJ
13, 2004
New cattle cost management software
Cattleman's Calculator, Inc., announced the introduction of a new version of its successful and industry accepted Cattleman's Calculator livestock cost-projection software, in use of 16 years, which can now be used on Microsoft Windows handheld Pocket PC. In effect, this new software program creates a handy new cost management tools for the cattle industry: an easy-to-use Windows-based pocket computer that enables cattle ranchers to make off-site cost calculations about cattle operations and integrate these cost projections with their ranch, bank, or computer and financial records for improved cost control and management. Calculations can be saved in the Pocket PC handheld computer and later transferred to a Microsoft spreadsheet. Another new feature is the print capability. For more information visit

Remote swing gate opener unveiled
Tallahassee, FL-based GTO has an affordable way of automating field gates, even if they are out of range of common power sources. The do-it-yourself Mighty Mule automatic swing gate opener is not just an accessory for the rich and famous. Whether it's for a yard, field or orchard, the Mighty Mule makes getting vehicles, tractors and implements through gates affordable and simple. Strong as a mule, the Mighty Mule operates on a low voltage battery that's constantly recharged so it will still work when the power is out. It also works in extreme weather conditions. A Mighty Mule gate can be opened and closed using a transmitter similar to a garage door opener and other accessories include a programmable digital keypad, and an automatic gate lock to provide peace-of-mind security. For gates far from a power source, the optional solar panel will keep the gate's battery charged. For more information about the Mighty Mule line of automatic swing gate openers, the many types and specifications of gates it will handle visit or call 800/543-1236.

New worm gear winches
Controlled movement of loads with just one hand on the crank handle is what you'll get with Dutton-Lainson Company's worm gear winches. Engineered to provide positive holding of the load while raising or lowering makes the D-L worm gear winches ideal for any application where safe, economical one-man operation is required. Each size is available with a choice of standard winch handle, or with a loop drive. Unlike standard ratchet winches, which depend on a ratchet to prevent uncontrolled reeling-out of cable, the reel on D-L worm gear winches automatically cease turning whenever cranking is stopped. There is no freewheeling mode, and no special mechanism needed to stop reel movement. In addition, worm gear winches do not require a minimum load for operation. All gears are heat treated high carbon steel, and bearings on the drive shaft are permanently lubricated to assure long, trouble-free service life. The D-L line of worm gear winches includes eight models in two sizes: 1,500 lb. (rated dead weight capacity), and a 2,000 lb. capacity.

New Lepto vaccine unveiled
Pfizer Animal Health last week announced it has been approved to market and distribute Spirovac, a vaccine that helps provide protection against Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar hardjo (Lepto hardjo-bovis). Spirovac contains inactivated whole-cell cultures of hardjo bovis and is approved for administration to open, pregnant and/or lactating cows and heifers, as well as to healthy calves as young as 4 weeks of age. Efficacy studies demonstrate that Spirovac prevents leptospires from harboring in protective sites such as the kidneys and reproductive tract. Additional studies show that Spirovac prevents urinary shedding and does not override maternal-derived antibodies (MDAs). When administered prebreeding, Spirovac can aid in the prevention of in utero transmission of hardjo-bovis bacteria, thus helping prevent the birth of calves born infected with hardjo-bovis. Unique to most leptospiral vaccines, Spirovac has a proven 12-month duration of immunity. For more information, contact a veterinarian, animal health supplier or Pfizer Animal Health representative.

New hydraulic push manure spreader
Kuhn Knight, Inc. of Brodhead, Wisconsin, adds a new line of hydraulic push manure spreaders to their proven line of solid/semi-solid manure spreaders. The new ProPush features piggyback hydraulic cylinders and a heavy-duty push panel for ultimate simplicity for manure hauling and spreading. The hydraulic cylinder ProPush design means no apron chains, fewer moving parts, simplicity, fast unloading, and a more dependable service life during cold winters. The hydraulic ProPush system has been tested and proven for the heaviest applications. Other features include one-piece solid poly sides, two-piece solid poly floor, and removable beater panels. The poly sides and floor reduce material build-up and the removable beaters allow the spreader to be easily used for stockpiling manure. ProPush spreaders are offered in 440 and 540 heaped cubic foot capacities as trailer models. For more information contact Kuhn Knight, Inc. at 608/897-2131 or