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Sep 10, 2007
by WLJ

NAIS is a ruse

No matter where you live in America, or what you do—whether you are a 4-H or FFA parent, rancher, logger, farmer, miner, commercial fisherman, recreationist, etc.—you should be paying close attention to the battle for property rights and freedom that is being fought on the lands of Colorado.

Whether the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is “the mark of the Beast” may be questioned, but what is crystal-clear is the USDA’s intention of making this “voluntary” agenda mandatory: Nationwide.

Touted as an asset to “homeland security” and “the threat of disease,” the truth is that this is a property rights issue on more than one front. Far more of a real threat is the fact of America’s borders being pried open and/or erased by those with political and global aspirations. America’s people, animals and health are not in need of this three-step plan that the USDA pitches as a must-have. Deception runs rife throughout, from the language deception of “voluntary” to “premises registration” for “traceback,” and more.

NAIS is a ruse. NAIS is a moneymaker, too, for those receiving taxpayer dollars by the wheelbarrow full, disguised as “grant funding.” It is dishonest to operate in such a manner, no matter who is doing it. Government agencies are not exempt from wrongdoing, though they seem to be, more and more, of the opinion that they have some sort of “diplomatic immunity” and are exempt from accountability or being punished for wrongdoing.

Using children as a tool to wreak havoc with a Constitutional Republic is nothing new, but the manner in which it is being done in Colorado is especially egregious: letting 4-H and FFA kids raise and love their animal projects, only to be told that their parents are keeping them from showing at county and state fair levels.

Today’s children will grow up soon and will not forget what was done to them and their parents in the name of “NAIS.” Today’s children will equate the Trojan horse and the soldiers in its belly to today’s NAIS implementers. Anyone that seeks to wrest the bonds of family apart and dismantle this all-important bond of parents and children—whether done by an individual, an organization or an agency—is playing with fire, both morally and legally.

Parents that cherish property rights beyond mere “monetary value,” and cannot be purchased by the highest bidder, are perhaps scarce as hen’s teeth, but more priceless than any diamond, for they pass on to their children the certainty that some things are beyond price. Some things must always be beyond putting a price on. America’s freedom is one of those things. America’s property rights are one and the same. Don’t let “NAIS” or any language deception distract you from protecting your property rights, your freedom. It came at too high a price to sell out for any price now. Think of Flanders Field and Arlington Cemetery. Once lost, freedom is not easily regained.

Julie Kay Smithson
London, OH

Well done
Good morning, Dick Crow,

Congratulations! Be proud of your staff at WLJ, for having the courage to take a shot at “Big Brother.” Beef and Drovers are timid, fearful, flinch easy and can’t afford the ink to print the truth about what NAIS is wanting to do to the USA livestock industry. Tell your people, especially Tait Berlier, at WLJ, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant to the remaining livestock industry.”

Your friend,
Darol Dickinson
Barnesville, OH