ESA reform vote expected late September

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Aug 8, 2005
by WLJ

— Producer support critical
Congressman Richard Pombo, R-CA, chairman of the House Committee on Resources, is currently working to complete revision and lobby consensus on a draft version of an Endangered Species Act (ESA) reform bill.
Speaking to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Federal Lands Committee last week, House Resources Committee staff member Erica Tergeson urged NCBA members to contact their representative to show support for the bill.
Many agriculture industry activists consider the Pombo ESA reform bill to be crucial to producer interests and are tracking the progress of the bill closely. Many expect that the bill will create an expanded role for state and local governments in the selection of threatened species and more stringent requirements for groups developing recovery plans for threatened populations. In addition, the bill is expected to include monetary reimbursement for property owners who incur financial losses as a result of ESA enforcement actions.
According to Tergeson, the bill is expected to go to the House floor for a vote during the last week of September. Resource Committee members will “mark up” the draft version of the bill the week prior to the vote.
Currently out of session for the summer recess, members of Congress will be visiting in their home districts for the break. Tergeson, and NCBA leadership urged all members of the livestock community, particularly those represented by Democrats, to contact their Congressional representatives and urge their support for Representative Pombo’s ESA legislation. — WLJ

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