Pelton Simmental/Red Angus honored as BIF Seedstock Producer of the Year

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Dec 20, 2007
by WLJ

The Beef Improvement Federation honored Pelton Simmental/Red Angus with the 2007 Seedstock Producer of the Year Award June 7 during the organization’s 39th annual meeting in Fort Collins, CO. The ranch is owned by the Lynn and Gary Pelton families and managed by Lynn Pelton.

Pelton Simmental/Red Angus is a family-owned and operated seedstock business located near Burdett, KS. Gary and Donna Pelton and their sons, Jason, Aaron and Burke, and Lynn and Sue Pelton and their daughter, Shanna, and son, Dustin, began a partnership in 1976 which later was incorporated into a diversified farm and ranch operation. The Pelton business consists of 4,300 acres of grass, 800 acres in the Conservation Reserve Program, 4,700 acres of cultivated land and 500 head of registered Red Angus, SimAngus and Simmental cows. About 200 cows calve in the fall; the remaining 300 calve in the spring. Aaron, Dustin and Dustin’s wife, Kendra, have joined the business full-time.

The purebred operation began in 1972 with 12 bulls being sold to local cattlemen. During the 13th annual sale March 22, 2006, 150 Red Angus, Sim Angus and Simmental bulls and 120 females were sold into 13 different states. Including private-treaty sales, a total of 180 bulls were sold in 2006.

With the use of an extensive embryo transfer (ET) program and proven, predictable genetics, a genetically strong cowherd has been developed by utilizing every available economic and performance measurement. Along with a strong genetic base, a customer service program was developed and emphasized for the sole purpose of providing “value-added marketing opportunities” for customers.

In the past three years, the commitment to helping market customers’ calves through various avenues has been especially rewarding. Two alliances, with which the Peltons are involved, provide feedlot and carcass data on animals going through each program. In addition, a Pelton Program Sale, conducted the first Friday of November, has proven very successful for providing customers an opportunity to market replacement-quality females and performance steers. In 2006, more than 1,250 head were sold during the program sale.

Since Lynn’s graduation from Kansas Slate University in 1975, the program has become very hands-on. Whether it be day-to-day care of the cowherd, sire selection and mating decisions, heat detection and artificial insemination work, ET preparation, weaning and development of bulls and replacements, putting up and grinding feed, various aspects of sale management and promotion, financial and breed association bookwork, computer time, customer service and marketing options, or hosting tour stops and judging workouts—the family works together and utilizes the strengths of each person to better enhance the efficiency of the operation. The Kansas Livestock Association nominated Pelton Simmental/Red Angus.