Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Apr 2, 2007
by WLJ

Mandatory COOL is the solution

To the Editor:
In response to John Robinson’s March 19 column, have all the facts on hand before you write such a commentary.

On the $1.99 ground beef, there is no mention of the USA cull cow and bull beef market. I hope this is just an oversight.

The real crux of this letter to the editor lies within the next several paragraphs of your commentary. Labeling and COOL: well over 90 percent of the consumers of this country believe that beef products carrying the USDA label comes from only cattle born and raised
in the USA. “Mandatory COOL is the solution.” Since ground beef’s already mentioned, let’s use it as an example. Remember a DNA test conducted on one pound of ground beef done recently? I sure do! I believe the sample contained over 80 different foreign cattle DNA. Which beef do you honestly think the consumer will buy? Furthermore, there is no comparison to the quality of beef born and raised in the USA, period! Yes, let’s let the consumer decide. Your comments on “Aussie” beef are un-American, you’ve insulted me as well as every other USA cattle producer active or retired.

In closing, your comments on seafood labeling are off by 180 degrees. This next sentence is quoted from Mark Vinsel, executive director of the United Fishermen of Alaska. “Alaska salmon used to [be] eligible for trade adjustment assistance because of import competition, but fresh salmon prices have gone up so much under the labeling program that many fishermen no longer qualify for payments.” Also, the Southern Shrimp Alliance says it continues to support mandatory labeling and that the program “works hand in hand” with their marketing programs.

Kurt Cleek
Spearfish, SD

Back on track

Dear Editor,
My family was one of the many Nevada ranching families who suffered severe financial losses due to the mismanagement and abuse of power by now-resigned director Don Henderson and current state brand inspector Jim Connelley in the Nevada Department of Agriculture. These men conducted their unlawful activities with the blessing of the Board of Agriculture Chairman Benny Romero and Vice Chairman Deloyd Satterthwaite. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gov. Jim Gibbons for changing the leadership of this
“chaotic, out-of-control” agency, in his efforts to set it back on the right course.
The livestock business in Nevada is of major importance to the economy of the state. Between direct and indirect impacts, Nevada’s agriculture generates nearly $2 billion into the State’s economy annually. That’s the lifeblood of rural Nevada. The governor’s leadership will help make the vital functions of the Department operate efficiently and lawfully to serve the taxpayers of Nevada as well as the agriculture industry.

Ben Colvin
Goldfield, NV