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Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Feb 28, 2005
by WLJ

Treasure Bull Test
Treasure Bull Test has now completed 100 days of their test on 175 Angus bulls consigned by breeders from eight states. Considering the very cold weather the first two weeks of January, the bulls are performing extremely well. The 144 spring Angus bulls on test are gaining 3.08 lbs. per day (with an average weight per day of age of 3.18 lbs. The 371 fall bulls have an ADG of 3.20 and post WDA of 2.80. The test is being conducted at the Broken O Ranch Feedlot, Simms, MT.
The top gaining bull at the 100 day mark continues to be Lot 189, a bull owned by Harrison Angus Ranch, Doug & Jason Harrison, Boyd MT on a 1,325 lb. son of HARB Big Top 2000 JH with an ADG of 4.15 lbs. per day. The second top gaining bull is Lot 204 from Ox Bow Ranch, Ken Cook, Manager, Wolf Creek, MT, on a 1,355 lb. son of Hyline Right Time 338 with an ADG of 4.10. Third is a Youth consignor, Katrina Dubs, Billings, MT, on Lot 19, a 1,425 lb. son of JR Something Special with an ADG of 4.05
Other top gaining bulls include: Dalbey Angus, John Dalbey, on Lot 177, a 1,375 lb. son of B/R New Frontier 095 with an ADG of 4; Rocky Mountain Angus, Cal Kinney, Weiser, ID, on Lot 119, a 1,300 lb. son of Rito 111 of 2536 Rito 6I6 with an ADG of 3 85; Linhart Angus, Mardi Linhart, Lewistown, MT, on Lot 192, a 1,205 lb. son of Bon View New Design 878 with an ADG of 3.85; Rich Love, Great Falls, MT, on Lot 126, a 1,390 lb. son of Hyline Right Time 338 with an ADG of 3.80; Bee Haven Angus, John Katovich, St Maries, ID, on Lot 164, a 1,230 lb. son of Paws Up Alliance 9561 with an ADG of 3.75; Roal Angus Farms, Richland, WA, on Lot 209, a 1,230 lb. son of Rathbun Freightliner L578 with an ADG of 3.75 and Roals’ on Lot 212, an 1,195 lb. son of Rathbun Freightliner L578 with an ADG of 3.70.
Leading all bulls in the weight per day of age category is lot 19 from the Jackpot Division consigned by Youth consignor Katrina Dubs, Billings, MT, on a 1,425 lb. son of JR Something Special with a WDA of 3.91. Second top WDA bull comes from Granger Angus, Jim and Beth Granger, Great Falls, MT, on Lot 4, a 1375 lb son of Hyline Right Time 542 with a WDA of 3.70. South Peak Angus, David and Nola Anderson, Geyser, MT, own the third top WDA bull on Lot 219, a 1,200 lb. son of SPAR Updates Spade with a WDA of 3.67.
Other top WDA bulls include: Ox Bow Ranch on Lot 204, a 1,355 lb. son of Hyline Right Time 338 with a WDA of 3.66; Harrison Angus Ranch, Boyd, MT, on Lot 189, the top gainer sired by HARB Big Top 2000 JH with a WDA of 3.66; Rich Love on his Lot 126, a 1,390 lb. son of Hyline Right Time 338 with a WDA of 3.60; South Peaks on Lot 218, a 1,260 lb. son of SPAR Oscar Black Sambo with a WDA of 3.53; Milk River Genetics, Kathy Creighton Smith, Chinook, MT, on Lot 199, an 1,185 lb. son of SAF 598 Bando 5175 with a WDA of 3.53; Dalbey Angus on Lot 177, the 1,375 lb. son of B/R New Frontier 095 with a WDA 3.49 and Corey A Ranch, Barbara Korenjak, North Plains OR, on Lot 224, a 1165 lb. son of AAR Really Windy 721.
The top gaining sire group comes from Ox Bow Ranch, Ken Cook, Manager, Wolf Creek, MT, on three sons of Hyline Right Time 338 with an average weight of 1,240 lbs. and an average daily gain of 3.38.
The second top gaining sire group are three sons of Leachman Boom Time consigned by 7 Bar Heart Angus, Greg and Aimee Hachigian-Gould, Ulm, MT, with the three bulls averaging 1,203 lbs. each and having an ADG of 3.25.
The top weight per day of age sire group comes from Milk River Genetics on three son of SAV 598 Bando 5175 with an average weight of 1,137 lbs. and an average WDA of 3.44. A very close second is the top gaining sire group from Ox Bow with a WDA of 3.43.
Leading the 31 fall bulls in average daily gain is lot 325, a 1,455 lb. of Paws Up Royce 1519 with an ADG of 4.55. The bull is consigned by J&J Livestock, Augusta, MT. Second is an another J&J bull on Lot 322, a 1,535 lb. son of Bon View New Design 1407 with an ADG of 4.30. Third is Lot 329, a 1,545 lb. son of HSAF Traveler 8180-504C with an ADG of 4.1
Topping the fall bull division in weight per day of age is lot 329 from the Nissens with a WDA of 3.18. The bull is sired by HSAF Traveler 8180-504C. The Lot 322 from J&J is second in WDA with a WDA of 3. 15. This bull is sired by Bon View New Design 1407 and weighs 1,535 lbs.
The third top WDA bull is Lot 331 from Nissen & Corey A on a 1,525 lb. son of HSAF Traveler 8l80-504C with a WDA of 3.06.
Treasure Bull Test bulls sell April 11, at Western Livestock Auction, Great Falls, MT. For additional information call 406/264-5694 or e-mail brtangus@3rivers.net.

OPSU bull test final
Beef bulls on the 53rd Annual Performance Test at Panhandle State University, Goodwell, OK, were weighed-off test Jan. 29, 2005. Bulls in this year’s test have an overall average daily gain (ADG) of 4.15 pounds and a weight-per-day-of-age (WDA) of 3.38 pounds.
The top performing bull is an Angus senior-age bull consigned by Larry Weinkauf, Orlando, OK. This son of SAF New Design K500 gained 6.32 pounds-per-day and has a WDA of 3.76 pounds.
Preparations are in progress for the 53rd Annual Performance Tested Bull Sale where the top 70 bulls will be offered for sale. The bulls are being fertility checked, measured for frame score, scrotal circumference and scanned for fat thickness, ribeye area and marbling. Carcass trait EPDs will be available on many of the bulls sale day.
Following close behind the top gaining bull is another Angus at 5.85 pounds consigned by Al Rutledge, Stillwater, OK. This bull is sired by Bon View New Design 1407. Another Larry Weinknuf bull by the New Design 500 sire is the third top senior with an ADG of 5.51 pounds.
Al Rutledge’s pen of three Angus with an ADG of 5.15 pounds leads the senior pen division. Two of these bulls are sons of Bon View New Design 1407 and one is by TC Moonshine 001. B&M Angus, Edmond, OK, is in second place with an ADG of 5.03 pounds on three Angus, two sired by ALC Royce 0143 and one by RR Rainmaker 8153. In third place with an ADG of 4.91 pounds is Larry Weinkauf’s pen of three Angus, all by the SAF New Design K500 sire.
An Angus bull of Tim Meier, Hitchcock, OK, leads the junior age bulls with an ADG of 5.33 pounds. This bull is sired by GAR New Design 9391. Phil Light, Turpin, OK, has the second, third, fourth and fifth ranked juniors with ADG’s of 5.13, 5.04, 4.93 and 4.88 pounds respectively. His top bull is a son of Summitcrest Hi Flyer 3B18.
A Phil Light pen of three Angus leads the junior pen division with an ADG of 4.74 pounds. Two are sons of Millers Bullseye J373 and one a son of Bon View New Design 878. Tim Meier’s pen of four Angus, all sons of GAR New Design, is in second place with an ADG of 4.72 pounds. Another Phil Light pen of four Angus is third with an ADG of 4.61 pounds. Sires represented in this pen are: Gardens Highmark A09 S1, GAR Precision 9296, Summercrest Hi Flyer 3B18 and PL Traveler T 510 682.
The most efficient junior-age pen of bulls in converting feed to gain is Phil Light’s pen of three Angus at 6.13 pounds of as-fed feed per pound of gain. The leading senior-age pen of bulls is AI Rutledge’s pen of three Angus at 7.25 pounds of as-fed feed per pound of gain.
The sale is Wednesday, February 23, at 1:00 pm CST, in the England Activity Building, University Farm, Goodwell, OK. For complete test results and sale catalog contact Jerry or Gwen Martin, OPSU, Goodwell, OK 73939, 580/349-1500 or 580/349-1512.

WCA/WSU 80 day bull test
The 12th Annual Washington Cattleman’s Association (WCA) and Washington State University (WSU) sponsored bull test has issued a progress report for the first 80 day test period of their 120 day feed test. The test is being conducted at the Washington State University Research Center at Prosser, WA.
One hundred thirty-six bulls will be tested this year comprised of Angus, Red Angus, Polled and Horned Herefords, Simmentals, and for the first time, Braunvieh. These bulls represent the top genetics from 47 of the Northwest’s top seed stock producing herds.
A high percentage of the bulls on test are sired by the top nationally known AI sires. These bulls range in age from Jan. 1, 2004 to Mar. 31, 2004. Final test data will be taken Mar. 4, 2005.
Sale day is scheduled for Mar. 23, 2005 at the WSU Research Center in Prosser, Washington.
Only 75 percent of the bulls of each breed will be allowed to sell, based on the Test Final Station Index (½ ADG and ½ Adjusted Yearling Weight Index), structure, physical and breeding soundness evaluation. A low birth EPD section for Angus will be separated after final EPD qualifications of +2.0 BEPD or less are checked.
Angus (ADG-4.01, WDA-3.32)
The 68 head of Angus recorded an ADG of 4.01 lbs. as a group. Thirty-four head of Angus have gained over four pounds per day. They were led by a Feb. 3 son of GAR Expectation 4915 that is gaining 4.94 lbs. per day. This bull is consigned by Black Knight Ranch of Sedro-Wooley, WA. Black Knight also has the second top gaining Angus on a Feb. 2 son of Rito 616 that is gaining 4.88 lbs. per day. The next high gaining Angus was a Feb. 23 son of B/R New Frontier 095 consigned by Rhodes Angus of Independence, OR, gaining 4.83 lbs. per day. He was followed by the heaviest bull of the entire test, consigned by Shultz & Sons of Reardan, WA. This Jan. 27 son of Connealy Timeline weighed 1,405 lbs. on Jan. 22 while recording a 4.80 lbs. per day gain and the top WDA of the Angus at 3.89 lbs.
Horned & Polled Herefords (ADG-3.35 WDA-3.16)
The 19 head of Polled Herefords were led by a Jan. 15 son of KT Top Secret 1030 consigned by Linton Polled Herefords of Prosser, WA, that recorded an ADG of 4.23 lbs. The second top ADG for the Polled Herefords was a Mar. 7 son of LHR Madison 517-C26 consigned by Deets Polled Herefords of Bellingham, WA, that gained 4.08 lbs. per day. The highest WDA recorded was a Mar. 13 son of Remitall Keynote 20X consigned by Nordlicht Polled Herefords of Addy, WA, that posted a WDA of 3.86 lbs.
The highest ADG for the 19 head of Horned Herefords was 4.08 lbs. per day on a Feb. 22 son of H5 500 Advance 897 consigned by Bird Herefords of Halfway, OR. This bull also recorded the top WDA of the Horned Herefords with a 3.63 lb. WDA. The second highest ADG by a Horned Hereford was 4.07 lbs. on a Feb. 10 son of CL 1 Domino 5131E consigned by Ottley Herefords of Quincy, WA.
Red Angus (ADG - 3.43, WDA - 3.17)
The 12 Red Angus bulls were led by a Feb. 1 son of Mabes Canyon consigned by Mabee Red Angus of Sweet Home, OR. This bull leads the Red Angus test with a 4.35 lb. ADG. He also records the highest WDA of the Red Angus with 3.79 lbs. The second top ADG of the Red Angus was 4.01 lbs. per day on a Jan. 25 son of BJR Make My Day 981 consigned by X Lazy B Ranch of Dayton, WA.
Simmental (ADG-3.55, WDA 3.41)
The 12 Simmentals were led with an ADG of 4.28 lbs. on a Jan. 30 black, polled son of Black Irish Kansas consigned by Schriever Simmentals of Molalla, OR. The second high ADG of the Simmentals was 4.06 lbs. recorded by a Feb. 20 black polled son of PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker consigned by Powerline Simmentals of Oregon City, OR. The highest WDA of the Simmentals was 3.95 lbs. This Feb. 10 black, polled son of PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker was also consigned by Schriever Simmentals of Molalla, OR. Of the 12 Simmental bulls on test, all are polled and black.
Braunvieh (ADG-2.93, WDA 3.05)
The Braunvieh breed is participating in the WCA/WSU test for the first time. This breed is led by a Feb. 11 polled son of Silver Bullet 5549 consigned by Mountain Valley Ranch of Fairfield, ID. This bull posted an ADG of 3.73 lbs. and WDA of 3.31 lbs.
Only the top 75 percent of these bulls in each breed will sell. Selection is based on Average Daily Gain, Adjusted Yearling Weight, semen and scrotal evaluation and structural soundness. All bulls will have ultrasound data collected and available to the public, as well as Performance EPDs and most will have Carcass EPDs available.
Of special interest will be the sale of lot 43, a Feb. 10 son of Twin Valley Precision E161. Consigned and donated by Rocky Mountain Angus of Payette, ID, the proceeds from the sale of this bull will benefit the Washington State University Livestock Judging Team.
The sale is scheduled for Mar. 23 at the WSU Research Center in Prosser, Washington. Prior to the sale, a social hour and forum will be conducted the evening of Mar. 22 featuring Dr. Sally Northcutt, Genetic Research Director at the American Angus Association, speaking on “Selection Tools - The Index Approach.”
Bulls on test may be viewed at any time at the WSU Research Center. Test results and sale catalogs for the Mar. 23 sale are available through Jean Smith, Benton Franklin Area Extension Educator, at 5600 E West Canal Place, Kennewick, WA 99336 or 509/735-355. Test data can also be viewed on line at www.prosser.wsu.edu/faculty/linton.htm.

Northeast Colorado Bull Test, 77-day mark
Northeast Colorado Bull Test Association’s (NCBTA) 29th Annual Performance Bull Test is through 77 days of the 120-day testing period. As a group, the bulls posted a 4.30 pound average daily gain (ADG) and 3.29 pound weight per day of age (WDA).
The bulls will be weighed off-test Mar. 1 and 2. ADG and WDA ratios are calculated for each bull and averaged to calculate a test index. All bulls are compared within their own breed, with the exception of breed groups that have less than four bulls. These bulls are ratioed against the average of the entire group of bulls on test. A bull must post a test index of 95 or greater to be eligible for NCBTA’s 29th Annual Performance Sale, Saturday, Apr. 2.
This year all of the bulls were tested for the Bovine Virus Diarrhea (BVD) persistently infected (P1) status and found negative.
The bulls are put on test for 120 days at the Northeast Colorado Beef Improvement Center and fed a high-fiber, low concentrate diet. NCBTA’s goal is to develop bulls in a way that will allow them to express growth through genetic potential without developing excess conditioning or reducing fertility and longevity.
The three top gaining bulls were from the Angus breed. The top ADG was 5.74 pounds for test number 82, from Steve Smith Angus, Lehi, UT. This calf was sired by the Angus bull Jaynbee New Design 036. Second, with an ADG of 5.66 was an Angus calving ease bull consigned by Kimmel Angus, Stoneham, CO, calf number 43, sired by Bon View New Design 1407. Dale Angus Ranch, Akron, CO, has the third top gaining bull with a 5.41 ADG. Test number 61 is sired by the Angus bull BT Ultravox 297E.
In the Simmental breed group, test number 23 posted an ADG of 5.01 pounds, sired by Drake Stress Free, consigned by George Rober, Sedgwick, CO, was the top gaining bull. The eight Simmental bulls posted a 4.37 pound ADG with a 3.55 pound WDA.
In the Hereford division the six entries gains averaged 3.65 pounds ADG and 3.05 pounds WDA, with the top ADG bull consigned by Roderick Polled Herefords, Lindon, CO. This calf, test number 35, was sired by Star Geronimo 335K, posted an ADG of 4.15, WDA 3.36 and a test index of 112.
Thirteen head of Red Angus bulls averaged 3.90 pounds ADG and 3.21 pounds WDA. The X 7 Ranch, Merino, CO, consigned the top ADG and indexing Red Angus bull. This calf is test number 13 and was sired by Schuler 9160 1435L. It posted an ADG of 4.99 pounds a 3.56 WDA with a test index of 120.
In the Crossbred division, Gordon Creek Ranch, Anton, CO, and Steve Smith Angus, Lehi, UT, have bulls gaining 4.16 pounds. The Gordon Creek Ranch bull, test number 112, is 75 percent South Devon X and 25 percent Red Angus, sired by Cimarron Apollo 222M. The Steve Smith Angus bull is a Balancer bull sired by Jaynbee New Design 036, test number 113. The four head of Crossbred bulls posted an ADG of 4.00 with a 3.13 WDA.
Ft. Bridger Limousin, Ft. Bridger, WY, has the top gaining bull, test number 123, in the Limousin division. This Cole 140J sired calf has an ADG of 4.11 with a WDA of 3.38. The four head of Limousin bulls posted an ADG of 3.77 with a WDA of 3.04.
The top performing bulls will be offered for sale in the 29th Annual NCBTA Sale, Apr. 2, at noon, at the Northeast Colorado Beef Improvement Center, adjacent to the Eastern Colorado Research Center. For more information or a more detailed copy of the test results, contact David Colburn at 970/522-3200, ext. 283, or write NCBTA, 508S, 10th Aye, Ste. #1, Sterling, CO 80751, or visit the web site at www.northeastcoloradobttlltcst.org.