Red Bluff champions namedDespite some very inclement weather, judging of the Red

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Dec 20, 2007
by WLJ
Jan. 29, Red Bluff, CA
137 Angus $2,805
14 Balancer 2,625
15 Brangus 2,253
43 Charolais 2,528
1 Chiangus 2,850
5 Gelbvieh 2,430
53 Hereford 2,515
2 Limousin 2,750
16 Polled Hereford 2,313
6 Red Angus 2,917
3 Shorthorn 2,300
7 Simmental 3,729
302 Total bulls 2,664
Auctioneers: Rick Machado, Max Olvera, Justin Holmberg
Sale Manager: Ron Anderson
This year=s version of the Red Bluff bull sale turned in some eye-popping numbers as 52 more head were sold over last year= s sale and the average price per bull was $250 higher. What made this happen? More than likely the same market fundamentals that fueled the fall bull sale season were at work here. The strong salvage market for bulls this last year caused many a rancher to ship the older bulls and that combined with the stronger calf market this fall made for a strong bull market. Also the prospects for a good grass year helped demand. The other factors that made this bull sale so strong were the very basics. Good bulls, well sifted and graded, and good buyers. Red Bluff has been blessed with both good bulls and good buyers for many years and from that standpoint, this sale was a mirror image of past sales. Over the 64 years that this bull sale has been held the quality of the bulls has always remained a priority. This is accomplished by unwavering standards applied to the consignments. Upholding these standards better known as the A Red Bluff kind@ is the job of the sifters and graders. Each year the Red Bluff committee men select knowledgeable cattlemen to handle this chore with the graders serving a three year hitch and a new grader coming on board each year. In this manner the standards are upheld and passed down. Prior to getting to the graders each bull is passed in front of a group of sifters whose job it is to sift out the unsound bulls, those lacking in condition or otherwise blemished. This year= s sifters included Gordon Bruce, Los Molinos, CA, Buttons Daugherty, Vina, CA, John Ownes, Red Bluff, CA and Dr. O. W. Hooton, Red Bluff, the sale veterinarian. If the bulls make it past this tough group they are then judged and a quality grade given by the judging committee. This year that committee included Steve Coleman, Molalla, OR, Dave Peterson, Powell Butte, OR and Ken Hufford, North Powder, OR. All bulls must have an 87 grade or better to sell. After the grading is completed breed champions are selected. This is no easy task, getting a bull into this sale, but high standards demand high quality bulls and that is what Red Bluff is all about. Quality bulls attract quality buyers and quality buyers will spend the money to get the bulls they want. TOPSC Water For Life Hereford: OK 640F Domino 1621, 11/21/02, by CL 1 Domino 640F, Oak Knoll Herefords, Flournoy, CA; to Atwood Ranch, Glen Ellen, CA, $5,900. Angus: BCA Bushwacker 2404, 9/24/02, by BCC Bushwacker 41-93, Black Crown Angus and England Ranch, Prineville, OR; to Robert Puga, Zenia, CA, $5,450. Traynhams Dateline VRD 1208, 1/20/03, by Vermilion Dateline 7078, Traynham Ranches, Eagle Point, OR; to Atwood Ranch, $5,250. Champion Charolais: BC Mr Sly 436, 3/10/03, by VE Big Sky Sly; Bianchi Charolais, Gilroy, CA; to Mission Bell Ranch, Gilroy, CA, $5,000. Champion Range-Ready Charolais: V-A-L Rippen Red 339, 4/15/03, by V-A-L Rippen Red Rage P J82; V-A-L Charolais, Nyssa, OR; to Jack Roden, Mitchell, OR, $4,800. Angus: Paws Up New Design 506N, 1/19/03, by Bon View New Design 1407, NB Ranches, Grenada, CA; to Charles Kerr, Merrill, OR, $4,800. Simmental: LS Grand Jolker, 10/2/03, by LS Jolker Jim K301, Little Shasta Ranch, Montague, CA; to Roaring Springs Ranch, French Glen, OR, $4,750. Reserve Halter Simmental: LS Blackman 094, 10/2/03, by BS Mr Blackman 4052K, Little Shasta Ranch; to Vincent 2C Ranch, Lakeview, OR, $4,700. Champion Angus: BSAR Direct Hit 37N, 3/7/03, by PS 6807 Bando 240, Sage Kendall, Emmett, ID; to Jackpot Ranch, Beatty, OR, $4,450. Champion Simmental: LS Top Cut, 9/25/03, by C&B Mr Alleycat 9191, Little Shasta Ranch; to Rick and Linda Anderson, Eagle Point, OR, $4,450. Angus: Tara Forefront P3, 1/5/03, by Connealy Forefront; Tara Farms, Orland, CA; to Jackpot Ranch, $4,300. Champion Hereford: BB 0135 Mark Don 3212, 6/1/03, by BB 4209 Mark Don 0136, BB Cattle Co., Connell, WA; to Pine Creek Ranch, Denair, CA, $4,200. Reserve Angus: ER 5175 Bando 313, 4/15/03, by SAF 598 Bando 5175, England Ranch, Prineville, OR; to Nicholson Cattle Co., Fort Klamath, OR, $4,100. Angus: K Bar D Val= s Design K13N, 4/29/03, by LCC New Design G054L, White Cattle Co., Burns, OR; to Buster Criss, Macdoel, CA, $4,100. Simmental: LS Jims Titan, 12/15/03, by LS Jolker Jim K301, Little Shasta Ranch; to Heidi Guertin, Wheatland, CA, $4,100. Champion Red Angus: Fraser Rio 900, 8/14/03, by Meyer Imp Rob 092F, Fraser Ranch, Corning, CA; to H Bar Diamond Ranch, Corning, CA, $4,050. Champion Range-Ready Angus: DD Northern Improvement 311, 1/29/03, by Northern Improvement 4480 GF, Double D Cattle, Terrebonne, OR; to Chase Ranch, Fortuna, CA, $4,000. Angus: Basils Direction N01, 9/6/03, by CA Future Direction 5321, Basil Newton, Montague, CA; to Fred Humphrey, Flournoy, CA, $4,000. Roadrunner Tracer 6273, 11/21/02, by Roadrunner Tracer 5143, Don and Diana Cardey, Turlock, CA; to Frank Ainley, Elderwood, CA, $4,000. C JERRY YORK & PETE CROW

Jan. 28, Red Bluff, CA
107 Geldings $6,048
7 Mules 3,243
Auctioneers: Rick Machado, Justin Holmberg, Trent Stewart
Sale Manager: Ron Anderson
Never been to the Red Bluff Gelding sale? You would be absolutely amazed at the number of people that are on hand for this sale. There are every kind of person and degree of involvement represented. There is the dead serious breeder, the cattle rancher, the backyard guy, the buckaroo, the roper, the cutter, the wannabee and the partier. They are all there because on Friday night on the last week in January, the gelding sale is the place to be. It is a horse sale, a reunion and a party all rolled into one. The Pauline Davis Pavilion is the scene for all of this action and each year it is literally jammed to capacity. The people that are serious about buying a gelding, or a mule, have watched all of the sifting and the judging and they know that a Red Bluff gelding has the opportunity to show what they can do in many areas. They have watched the geldings work cattle, cut cattle and rope. The have watched the snaffle bit and hackamore competition. They have watched the halter competition and the free style work. In addition each horse and mule must pass a strict physical examination. They have had the opportunity to check out their picks out back and visit with the owners. When this is all done, prospective buyers have a pretty good idea of what each horse is capable of. But, at any time during these two days of activities the sifting and selection committee can dismiss a gelding for any number of reasons. The very capable and experienced horsemen that make up this committee scrutinize each gelding and mule very closely to ensure that only the A Red Bluff kind@ are allowed to pass through the sale ring. A couple of hours before the sale starts the line has already formed to get into the sale and once it cranks up there is no place in America where these horses will bring any more money than at Red Bluff. The reputation of this sale is far reaching as inquiries from across the country hit the office in the days before the sale. As is always the case the serious buyers go where they know there is quality and during the sale this is so apparent as demand remains strong from start to finish. So next year if you want to attend the Red Bluff Gelding sale, A come on down,@ plan to have a great time, see a lot of people that you will know and if you plan to buy one rest assured they are in the sale because they have met the Red Bluff standards, and if you plan to consign oneY bring a darn good one! TOPSC Champion Ranch Cutting Horse: FLS Oaks Cowboy, 4/8/98, bay gelding by Flynns Gayson of Adoc, Wayne and Jody Cada, Caldwell, ID; to Mark and Abbie Nelson, Five Star Land and Livestock, Wilton, CA, $21,700. Ideal Ranch Horse: Captain Colonel Red, 5/19/978, gray gelding by San Colonel, Shawn Jones, Comanche, TX; to Leon Landis, Cottonwood, CA, $20,000. Champion Conformation Gelding: Mach Zan Roll, 3/7/00, gray gelding by Parzans Golden Rebel, Wade and Britt Grimsman, Paskenta, CA; to Jamey Mazzotta, Lockewood, CA, $14,700. LD Leo Jack, 6/20/98, red dun gelding by Anchor D Seeker King, Birgit and Dalene Finstad, Yelm, WA; to Paula Loomis, Haiku, HI, $12,500. I Tuck My Tail, 4/19/99, buckskin gelding by Tuck My Tale, Stevenson Quarter Horses, Cedarville, CA; to Vic J. Kaufman, Olympia, WA, $11,500. Rafter Reno, 5/20/98, bay gelding by Tee J Mr Jackie, Martin and Janis Murphy, Paisley, OR; to Bob deBraga, Red Bluff, $11,000. Chics Dirty Remedy, 4/7/00, bay gelding by Dealin Dirty, John Mulock, McArthur, CA; to Cyndie Arretche, Los Banos, CA, $11,000. Whippets Blue Cash, 4/19/01, blue roan by Tee J Silver Cash, Jay Wright, Jerome, ID; to Richard Nelson, Canyon City, OR, $10,000. Busy Remedy, 3/30/01, black gelding by Remedy to Win, Bill and Benita Pinz, Junction City, OR; to Cindy Estes-Moh, Fallon, NV, $10,000. Mules: Miss Kitty, 1/1/00, red roan Molly, Mike and Pam Ralph, Grants Pass, OR; to Kimball Stotledahl, Kalama, WA, $5,000. Benny, 6/1/97, John, Chad Turner, Victor, MT; to Steve Watson, Willits, CA, $4,600.

Jan. 27, Red Bluff, Ca
38 Pairs $1,375
769 Bred heifers 1,046
540 Open heifers $790
Auctioneer: Max Olvera
Sale Manager: Ron Anderson
The replacement female sale is the first of the four sales held during the Red Bluff Bull sale and it is produced by the Red Bluff Bull Sale Committee and Shasta Livestock Auction. The sale is an in-house video sale and it is sponsored by A Igenity.@ The sale is held in the Don Smith Pavilion and pulls in a good sized crowd. The sale is also available on the Internet for viewing and bidding. The consignments represent some of the west= s premier commercial ranching concerns and there was strong interest in this year= s offering. Prior to the sale of the females a bull donated by Bill Bennett, BB Cattle Co., Connell, WA, was sold with the proceeds going to Water For Life. The bull, a son of BB Dateline 0053, sold to Flynn and Sons, Lakeview, OR, for $2,750. TOPSC Pairs: 38 pairs from Riverside Ranch, Prairie City, OR; to Ken Hufford, North Powder, OR, $1,375 each. Bred Heifers: 42 bred heifers from Riverside Ranch; to Jim Jones, $1,200 each. 45 bred heifers from Malott Livestock, Powell Butte, OR; to Steve Coleman, Molalla, OR, $1,185 each. 15 bred heifers from L.S. Rodgers, Orland, CA; to Rod Cornelson, $1,145 each. Open Heifers: 155 open heifers from Darren Carraway, Caldwell, ID; to JR Livestock, $820 each.

Jan. 28, Red Bluff, CA
7 Dogs $4,643
4 Pups 2,563
1 Water For Life donation dog 10,500
Auctioneer: Justin Holmberg
Sale Manager: Ron Anderson
The Red Bluff Livestock Dog Sale has without question become one of the most popular events held during this show and it has the appeal to both livestock people and the city folks. Everyone loves to watch a good stock dog do his stuff and this is the reason that the stands are always filled to overflow capacity for any of the dog events. Each dog entered is worked three times. They are worked outside and inside with a final outside freestyle work just prior to the start of the sale. The scores are combined and champion selected. In the stock dog division the dogs are aged 17 to 37 months old and the pups are 8 to 16 months old and they are carefully observed by the committee to eliminate dogs that do not perform well, are unsound, or are not up to quality standards. Each year there are dogs represented by previous Red Bluff champions or high sellers and this sale has become a must attend sale for many dog trainers. This year, as has become the norm, the Don Smith Pavilion was packed to the rafters for the sale which featured a dog to be sold with the proceeds being donated to the Water For Life organization. The dog matched the previous Red Bluff record by fetching $10,500 and was consigned by long time Red Bluff consignor Sandi Newton, Red Bluff. This is such a fun part of the five days of activities and it is enjoyed by everyone that attends. TOPSC Working Dogs: Water For Life Dog: Rebel, 10/5/03, by Katch ABC, Crystal Rose Cowdogs, Red Bluff, CA; to Monty Shults, Red Bluff, CA, $10,500. Marco, 12/7/03, by Harlan ABC, Rodney Hopwood, Kimberly, ID; to Kenny Elwood, Bella Vista, CA, $9,400. Champion: Dunn= s Filari, 3/27/02, by Vieira= s Chomper, Roger Urricelqui, McArthur, CA; to Scott Vaillette, Red Bluff, CA, $6,000. Diamond Cash, 11/21/01, by Diamond Jim, Albert Vieira, Orland, CA; to Hutchings Cattle Co., Fallon, NV, $4,000. Pup: Teague, 10/13/03, by Brad ABC, Robin Nuffer, Emmett, ID; to Guiterriz Cattle Co., $2,900. C JERRY YORK