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Feb 14, 2005
by WLJ

BioIngenutiy unveiled
Dr. A. Bruce Johnson, Ph.D., known throughout the world as an animal production nutritionist and technical marketing director, has launched BioIngenuity LLC, an animal nutrition and health products management and consulting business. BioIngenuity LLC is designed to assist companies in the areas of research management, product development and strategic planning to bring new livestock production products to market. BioIngenuity LLC can be reached by calling 952/474-4187, or

New roto-spreader trailer mount
Today’s new nutrient management regulations require precise application of all waste disposal. The Roto-Spread 362-12 offers complete control with variable hydraulic flow controls. Features include a high-density polyethylene on floor, sidewalls and end gate to prevent rust out. The two 30" diameter high-speed vertical beaters with spinners, flighting and chisel point kickers assure precise application. For more information call 620/225-1142 or visit

West Nile virus treatment
Colorado Serum Company is proud to introduce a new product for the treatment of West Nile Virus (WNV) in horses called West Nile Virus Antibody, Equine Origin. Unlike any other West Nile Virus antibody treatments, Colorado Serum's new product is concentrated, purified, and ready to use straight from the bottle, offering veterinarians an easy and safe tool in treating horses infected with WNV.

Construction of new trailer plant
M.H. Eby Inc., which manufactures aluminum semi-trailers for livestock, has begun construction on a new plant in central Iowa. Completion of the facility is scheduled for mid-2005 and will include 33,000 square feet of integrated manufacturing space, along with office space and room for retail sales of parts and equipment. The plant is projected to create 40 new jobs. In addition to its semi-trailers it produces aluminum truck bodies, trailers and agri-transportation equipment for livestock, horse and farm commodities, and retail parts and accessories.

Software aids estrus synchronization
The Iowa Beef Center (IBC) at Iowa State University (ISU) has released an updated software program to assist producers in making choices in estrus synchronization of their beef herds. The Synch04 edition of the Estrus Synchronization Planner has several new features and is now available to producers. Like past versions of the software, the Synch04 edition assists producers with planning and implementing complicated synchronization programs. This edition also features 22 estrus synchronization systems in three categories, including fixed-timed AI, estrus detect with clean-up AI, and estrus detect AI. A daily activity calendar is generated once producers select their system and breeding dates, and a budgeted cost analysis is performed for the different synchronization systems. The software is available for $35 by contacting the Iowa Beef Center at 515/294-BEEF, or by downloading an order form at Producers can also learn more about the software at an upcoming webcast, scheduled for Jan. 27.

New president at Coast To Coast labs
Coast To Coast Laboratories, a company that supplies antimicrobial suppressants to the farming community, is pleased to announce the following promotions. Burt Sookram has been named to the position of president; Tom Stevens has been named to the position of vice president Sales and Marketing East Coast; and Mark Soblom has been named vice president Sales and Marketing West Coast.

Muti-use, versatile t-post driver
The Man Saver T-Post Driver was developed by Dan Rohrer of Rohrer Manufacturing in response to fence builders who complained about the backbreaking work of driving posts. Rohrer developed the wonder tool in less than a month. The first Man-Saver has been successfully expanded to include a new line of customized, interchangeable sleeves that enable the air-powered post driver to drive almost any wooden or metal shaped posts on the market up to 3-1/2 inches in diameter. Rohrer Manufacturing can manufacture customized sleeves utilizing sample posts provided by customers, ensuring a driver solution for posts of all shapes and sizes. From rocky soil to hardpan, the Man-Saver works in the most difficult soil conditions and driving posts becomes a safe and easy one-person job, for use in agriculture, farming, vineyard and highway. For further information contact Dan Rohrer 541/548-7746 or 800/438-7599, access code 03.

Farmstead planning guides available
Building on a country acreage or expanding a farm? A new CD-ROM from MWPS, Farmstead Planning Handbook, provides a step-by-step full-color guide through the entire process, from concept to construction. The CD runs on both PC and Macintosh computers. Farmstead Planning Handbook CD-ROM explains and shows how to locate, plan, and build or expand an agricultural site, from a small acreage to a large operation. It also considers relevant related issues such as odor and dust control. More than 100 drawings, photographs, and diagrams plus tables, bulleted lists, and an expansion plan example clarify and enhance the descriptions. Farmstead Planning Handbook CD-ROM and the free 2005 MWPS catalog and other low-cost and free MWPS materials may be ordered online at, by e-mail at or 800/562-3618 or 515/294-4337.

New Web site has parasite information
Merial introduces a cutting-edge resource in parasite control education with the launch of at Designed for people involved in the cattle,
sheep and swine industries. is an easy-access site that accumulates a wealth of resources for those involved in livestock production. IVOMEC brands provide solid parasite protection and treatment for livestock. Merial is committed to continuing to offer endectocide products to the cattle, sheep and swine industries that help achieve better results. For more information see