IMI Global USDA Process Verified approved

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Feb 14, 2005
by WLJ
IMI Global Inc. has just been approved as a USDA Process Verified Company, a status obtained by only a few companies.
The following IMI Global products have been approved: BeefPassport Online, BeefPassport Chuteside, BeefPassport WebIntegrator and USVERIFIED.
With these USDA approved products, IMI Services can provide 100 percent lifetime traceability of an animal, meet the data capture and analysis needs of an organization interested in individual animal data, and capture and store a unique individual animal number as well as source/premise information.
The BeefPassport Product Suite captures several important data fields, including animal birthdate and individual animal identification while providing a mechanism for livestock traceability The BeefPassport products are also very user-friendly, the company says, and have the flexibility to allow entry of customized information fields.
In announcing the company’s USDA approval IMI Global CEO John Saunders said BeefPassport Online, IMI Global's base traceability product in the BeefPassport Suite, will now be offered free to the cattle industry.
"We understand that demand will be large and immediate. We will work diligently as a company to get all interested producers enrolled in this traceability solution as quickly as possible. Our new pricing strategy will apply to current BeefPassport Online customers as well.”
The free service begins on March 1. Enrollment will be on a first-come, first-served basis, he said.
IMI Global will back the free software with low cost, ISO compliant electronic ear tags, readers, equipment, and source and age validation audits.
“The need for traceability continues to increase daily,” according to Saunders, “and BeefPassport Online offers an opportunity for the industry to adopt these systems quickly. The U.S. must protect the integrity of our cattle herd and maintain a healthy export market as verification demands continue to grow.”
BeefPassport Online ( is a Web based livestock management system designed to track all aspects of cattle production from birth to harvest. BeefPassport Online allows the user to view records, print summary reports, and develop customized reports to make management decisions. As a security measure, the information can only be accessed by the individual producer or the system administrator. — WLJ