Beef Board elects new leadership

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Feb 14, 2005
by WLJ
The Cattlemen’s Beef Board seated new board members and elected officers and representatives for its 2005 executive committee and beef promotion operating committee during its annual meeting in San Antonio, TX, Feb. 1-5, 2005.
After being appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in December, a total of 39 board members were seated for service on the CBB in 2005, including 14 reappointments of existing members to a second term and appointment of 25 new members.
New members seated and the states they represent are Austin Brown, Texas; Virginia Coelho, California; Bob Combs, Virginia; O.D. Cope, Missouri; Jeff Dahl, North Dakota; Virginia Davis, Indiana; Terry Detrick, Oklahoma; Glenn Eberly, Pennsylvania; Robert Fountain, representing the Southeast unit; Dave Fugate, Tennessee; Glenda Fuller, Kansas; Ross Garwood, Nebraska; Donald Gray, New York; Dana Hauck, Kansas; Richard Hodge, Texas; Merrill Karlen, South Dakota; Neil Kayser, representing the Northwest unit; Louis Larson, Florida; Al Pedigo, Kentucky; Daniel Petersen, Iowa; Frank Phelps, Ohio; Doris Rush, Nebraska; Sharon Spenrath, Texas; Donald Stewart, an importer; and Al Wright, Arkansas.
Reappointments and the states they represent are Dave Albers, California; Dave Bateman, Illinois; Peggy Biaggi, Oregon; Loretta Broderick, Missouri; Mike Brooks, Oklahoma; Bill Carroll, Iowa; Carl Crabtree, Idaho; Doug Dickmann, Minnesota; Bill Erhke, Wisconsin; Carol Mosher, Montana; Jay O’Brien, Texas; Dick Sherron, Texas; Wayne Thames, Alabama; and Mike Thoren, Colorado.
New officer team
At its annual meeting, the board also elected Al Svajgr, Cozad, NE, to serve as its chairman in 2005. In addition, board members elected Jay O’Brien, Amarillo, TX, to serve as its vice chairman for the coming year and Ken Stielow of Paradise, KS to serve as secretary/treasurer of the Beef Board for the year.
Executive committee
The 12-member CBB Executive Committee includes the board’s three officers and another eight members elected at large. In addition, the immediate past chair of the Beef Board, which is Nelson Curry of Kentucky, serves on the committee in an advisory-only capacity.
Based on recommendations from the Joint Beef Industry Nominating Committee, CBB elected the following members to its 2005 Executive committee Carl Crabtree of Idaho; Richard Nielson of Utah; Dick Nock of California; Susie Sartwelle of Texas; Donald Stewart, an importer; Dave True of Wyoming; Lucinda Williams of Massachusetts; and Stan Zylstra of Iowa.
The Executive Committee operates under the direction of, and within the policies established by the full board and is responsible for carrying out Beef Board policies and conducting business and making decisions necessary to administer the terms and provisions of the Act and Order between meetings of the full board.
Operating committee
The Beef Promotion Operating Committee was created by the Beef Promotion Research Act to help coordinate state and national Beef Checkoff Programs. The 20-person committee includes 10 members of CBB, among them the board’s three officers and seven others elected directly by Beef Board members.
CBB members elected to the 2005 Beef Promotion Operating Committee during the annual meeting in San Antonio include Al Svajgr; Jay O’Brien; Ken Stielow; Dave Bateman, Illinois; Mike Brooks, Oklahoma; Michael Cline, Iowa; Jack Cowley, California; Jim Little, Idaho; Charles Miller, Kentucky; and Gary Sharp, South Dakota.
The other 10 members of the committee are representatives of state beef councils, including the chair and vice chair of the Federation of State Beef Councils and eight other members elected by state beef councils. Those representatives include Federation Chairman Myron Williams, South Dakota; Federation Vice Chairman Mike Vache, Oklahoma; Larry Jones, Kansas; Ann Bruntz, Nebraska; Clifford Dance, Mississippi; David Dick, Missouri; Scott George, Wyoming; Sid Sumner, Florida; Leo Vermedahl, Texas; and Jim Wilson, Oregon.