Treasure Bull Test, 60-day mark

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Feb 7, 2005
by WLJ
Treasure Bull Test has now completed the 60 day test on 175 Angus bulls consigned by breeders from eight states. Considering the recent cold weather the bulls are performing extremely well. The 144 spring Angus bulls on test are gaining 3 lbs. per day with an average weight per day of age (ADG) of 3 lbs. The 31 fall bulls have an ADG of 3.13 and post a WDA of 3.13. The test is being conducted at the Broken O Ranch Feedlot, Simms, MT.
The top gaining bull at the 60 day mark is Lot 189 on a bull owned by Harrison Angus Ranch, Doug & Jason Harrison, Boyd, MT, on an 1,185 lb. son of HARB Big Top 2000 JH with an ADG of 4.58 lbs. per day. The second top gaining bull is Lot 119 from Rocky Mountain Angus, Cal Kinney, Weiser, ID, on an 1,170 lb. son of Rito 111 of 2536 Rito 616 with an ADG of 4.25.
The third highest gainer at 4.08 lbs. per day is Lot 118 also from Rocky Mountain Angus on a 1,005 lbs. son of BR Midland.
Other top gaining bulls include: Lot 165, Bee Haven Ranch, Rick Katovich, St. Maries, ID, on a 1,010 lbs. son of Blackcap Mountain with an ADG of 4; Lot 103 Majic Valley Cattle Co., Mary & Judy Bell, Mesa, WA, on an 1,155 lb. son of Boyd New Day 8005 with an ADG of 4; Lot 155, KG Ranch, Greg Strohecker, Mgr., Three Forks, MT, on an 1,110 lb. son of Bon View New Design 878 at 4 lbs. per day; Lot 110, S Bar J Angus, Stephen & Jennifer Briggs, Garneill, MT, on an 1,165 lb. son of RR Hero 6267 of 2418 at 3.92; Lot 126, Rich Love, Great Falls, MT, on a 1,245 lb. son of Hyline Right Time 338 at 3.92; Lot 164, Bee Haven on a 1,090 lb. son of Paws Up Alliance 9561 at 3.92; Lot 167, TSR Angus, Cliff Trout, Coeur d’Alene, ID, on a 965 lb. son of High Valley OC22 of 3D22 at 3.92; and Lot 177, Dalbey Angus, John Dalbey, Hamilton, MT, on a 1,210 lb. son of B/R New Frontier 095 at 3.92.
Leading all bulls in the weight per day of age category is Lot 19 from the Jackpot Division consigned by Junior Member Katrina Dubs, Billings, MT, on a 1,225 lb. son of JR Something Special with a WDA of 3.78 and Lot 219 from South Peak Angus Ranch, David & Nola Anderson, Geyser, MT, on a 1,085 lb. son of SPAR Updates Spade at 3.78 lbs. per day.
Other top WDA bulls include: Lot 4 Granger Angus, Jim & Beth Granger, Great Falls, MT, on a 1,250 lb. son of Hyline Right Time 542 with a WDA of 3.77; Lot 189 Harrison Angus Ranch on the top gaining bull, Lot 189, a 1,185 lb. son of HARB Big Top 2000 JH with a WDA of 3.68; Lot 199, Milk River Genetics, Kathy Creighton-Smith, Chinook, MT, on a 1,070 lb. son of SAY 598 Bando 5175 with a WDA of 3.61; Lot 126 Rich Love, Great Falls, MT, on a 1,245 lb. son of Hyline Right Time 338 with a WDA of 3.60; Lot 224, Corey A Ranch, Barbara Korenjak, North Plains, OR, on a 1,065 lb. son of AAR Really Windy 721 with a WDA of 3.60 and Lot 218, South Peaks Angus on an 1,120 lb. son of SPAR Oscar Black Sambo with a WDA of 3.53.