Simmental Association converts EPD

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Jan 31, 2005
by WLJ
The American Simmental Association's Percent Retail Cuts EPD will be converted to a Yield Grade (YG) EPD in the Spring 2005 Sire Summary.
The ASA Board of Trustees' decision to change the Percentage Retail Cuts EPD to a Yield Grade EPD was prompted by the fact that Yield Grade is the currency the industry deals in when quantifying the relative meat yield of carcasses.
"Yield Grade and Percent Retail Cuts function much like Fahrenheit and Celsius-measuring the same thing, though on a different scale," says Dr. Wade Shafer, Director of Performance Programs at ASA. "The new EPD, however, more directly reflects the way carcass data and grids define carcass cutability, or meat yield."
As with all EPDs, YG is expressed as a deviation. Unlike its predecessor, however, negative values are desirable. To use it, one must keep in mind that it is in yield grade units. Therefore, lower is better. For example, a bull with a -.33 YG EPD would be expected to sire offspring that are 1/3 of a yield grade better (lower) than a zero bull. If zero bulls sired an average yield of 3.0 in a particular environment and management system, offspring of a -.33 bull would be expected to have an average yield grade of 2.67 (1/3 of a yield grade better/lower).
For more information about YG EPDs or our Spring 2005 Sire Summary, please visit our website at, or call Dr. Wade Shafer at 406/587-4531. — WLJ