Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Jan 24, 2005
by WLJ

Shoot, shovel and shut-up
Letter to the Editor,
On Jan. 11, Canada announced another case of BSE in a beef cow that was born after the 1997 feed ban. I was not surprised by this finding, as our USDA has said that there could be up to 11 animals found before Canada would surpass the “minimum risk” category. However, I was greatly surprised when my uncle from Alberta gave me a call this morning.
He stated that the Premier has instigated the “Shoot, shovel and shut-up” policy. Basically he has told the farmers and ranchers that if they have any animal that may be a high risk that they should shoot the animal, bury it and shut up about what they have done. Not only was I surprised but was awestruck. My uncle also advised me that the people in his area have not been eating beef due to these past circumstances and that I should notify my Congressmen and Senators of this whole ordeal. I have notified both.
I truly believe that trade with Canada is very important, but not at the price of the people of the U.S. First, let’s protect ourselves by closing the border to Canadian beef and cattle. Second, let Canada get their cows in a row in the next year or two, then see about opening our borders to their beef and cattle. I know now that when I visit my uncle next fall that we will not be eating beef at his house.
Corey Gall
Tripp, SD