Rock Springs Ranch bull test

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Jan 10, 2005
by WLJ
The 60 day average weight was 968 lbs. with a progressively concentrated ration, currently maintained at 30 percent. Shipping fever was at a minimum this year, but some low level respiratory infection briefly resurfaced.
The highlights of the 60 day progress report show the Black Angus led by test bull #116 with an ADG of 4.13 lbs. He is owned by Henson Cattle Co. of Enterprise, OR. Tied for second are bulls #108 and #119 with an ADG of 4.11 lbs. Bull #108 is a Jan. 22 calf sired by Hyline Travel Agent. He is owned by Ye Ole Bovie Ranch, Mountain Home, ID. The #119 bull is an Algoma Fame R7 son born Sept. 16, 2003, owned by Blue Mountain Angus, Prairie City, OR.
Red Angus bull #301 is still out front with a 4.41 lbs. ADG. He is a PAR-LOC New Era 1757K son born Feb. 25. Second place Red Angus is bull #302 with an ADG of 3.86 lbs. He is a March 20 calf sired by Lorenzen 2320. Both bulls are owned by the Morin Ranch, Hereford, OR.
Gelbvieh are led by the #604 bull with an ADG of 3.38 lbs. He is a Jan. 18 calf sired by D9076 Supreme J969. Following is the #602 bull born Christmas Day and sired by ECC 509Y. Both bulls are owned by The Bull Mart, Burns, OR.
Still leading the Shorthorn on test is the #502 bull, a March 5 calf with an ADG of 3.06 lbs. currently weighing 921 lbs., sired by Wolf Ridge Samson and owned by the Moe Ranch, North Powder, OR.
The second annual Rock Springs Test Sale is scheduled for March 28, 2005. Butch Booker will be the auctioneer for the sale. For further information contact Bob Ebbers at 541/372-2991. — WLJ