Australia blocks Brazilian beef

Cattle Market & Farm Reports, Editorials
Jan 3, 2005
by WLJ
Australia has suspended imports of beef from Brazil after a suspected case of hoof-and-mouth disease (HMD).
The case has been reported on a property in a state of the country which had been recognized as HMD free.
Australia’s Minister for Agriculture Warren Truss said Australia has only ever imported a small sample of Brazilian beef for processing, but all import permits have now been canceled.
“We do not import beef from Brazil in any quantities and so there's no likelihood of there being significant quantities coming into Australia," he said.
“But any risk is too much risk in these circumstances, and so all import permits have been canceled forthwith.”
Truss said a full review of arrangements for importing Brazilian beef will ensure Australia's animal health status is not compromised.
“We'll need to look overall at our approach to imports from Brazil,” he said.
“Once there's a better understanding of the extent of this outbreak in Brazil we'll have a better idea of whether there are any parts of the country from where imports might be safe. But until we're absolutely certain that there are no risks associated with imports from Brazil there'll be no import licences issued.” — WLJ