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Steve Suther, Certified Angus Beef

Livestock Industry Opinions
Dec 7, 2012
Statistics show an 8 percent to 10 percent cow culling rate at the markets. But how many don’t make it to the sale? Unfortunately, some death loss is a fact of life on a livestock farm, and the older the cows going through “one more winter,” the more likely some will fit into that statistic.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Oct 12, 2012
The calves weaned as heavy as last year despite the drought, and they stayed healthy in the lot. The cows bred back to where I had to sell more just for age to make room for better heifers coming in that would intensify the best of my cow families. It was good for cash flow and genetic improvement.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Feb 24, 2012
In politics, surveys regularly measure public opinions on issues and candidates so that when the votes are all in and tallied, we filter the score based on how reality fit the projections. A strong second-place finish can be more important than a win based on what we thought would happen.

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