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Steve Kay, Contributing Columnist

Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 31, 2017
N o r t h America’s beef processing industry is littered with shuttered plants and broken dreams, as I have written in this column many times over the years. It takes a brave person or persons to enter a business that appears full of riches but is also full of risk.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Nov 4, 2016
Like many of you, I’ve eaten many diff e r e n t types of beef during my lifetime. The first was grass-fed beef from Hereford-Holstein crosses that my family raised on the South Island of New Zealand. Understandably, it counts as some of the best beef I’ve enjoyed.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Sep 2, 2016
Labor Day historically marks the start of the transition for beef from the summer grilling season to the Christmas holiday season. So it’s instructive to look back as well as forward to see how beef has performed and might fare the rest of the year. The latter will be crucial for the direction of live cattle prices the rest of the year.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Apr 4, 2016
The result was The Strategic Alliances Field Study, published in August 1993. This seminal work laid the foundation for the valuebased marketing of fed cattle. At the time though, such was the outrage at the suggestion of producers working with packers that one would have thought NCA had signed a pact with the Devil.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 4, 2016
This past year taught the beef industry some painful lessons. Cattle feeders discovered that the money always runs out before the cattle. Risk managers realized that market volatility can wreck the best hedging plans. Cattle feeders and packers realized that the shrinking cash live cattle market demands urgent action or it will disappear.

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