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Livestock Industry Opinions
May 2, 2014
Cattle markets remain strong with Mother’s Day and Memorial Day just around the corner. You can see packers gearing up to get more beef on the market. Cash fed cattle were trading at $148 last week and the beef cutout value is showing stability in the $130.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Apr 18, 2014
Cliven Bundy finally made the national news with his personal range war and staring down the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This story has been going on for years, but it certainly reached a critical point last week when the BLM decided it was time to gather his cattle.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Apr 4, 2014
I just can’t seem to get California’s Proposition 2 egg law off my mind this week. In 2008, California voters passed a measure on the general ballot to ban the use of battery cages for egg laying hens; it was inhumane to put those birds in those small cages.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 28, 2014
We all love to see wildlife, unless it’s in the grill of our vehicles. A good healthy wildlife population means that we have a solid ecosystem at work. Conservation efforts in most regions of the country have been highly successful, restoring populations of many CROW.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 21, 2014
Beef sustainability has been in the news a lot lately with McDonald’s announcing that they would start purchasing sustainable beef for their supply chain in 2016. They weren’t sure what sustainable was for beef, but it sure sounded like a good thing to say and get some positive CROW.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 14, 2014
Environmental and cultural motivations are a constant threat to Western society. At times, it seems like outright blackmail when Indian tribes want to control water or when environmental groups want cattle off the range. But at the end of the day, we’re all activists with an agenda.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 7, 2014
The BLM has already postponed several horse gathers because they don’t have a place to put the horses and they already have 35,000 head in holding facilities. With their $69.6 million 2014 budget, the agency is spending 61 percent on long-term and short-term care for the inventory they already have.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Feb 28, 2014
It’s been quite a February for the cattle markets, reaching new highs when demand is typically at its lowest. It’s amazing that beef demand has held up with average retail prices reaching a new high of $5.25. Now it appears beef is in a market of its CROW.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Feb 21, 2014
The latest casualty in the beef processing industry makes you wonder who will be next. From the outside, it appeared that National’s Brawley beef plant had a nice little deal going on the West Coast. Feedlots filled with dairy steers that were no doubt contracted to go to Brawley Beef, and when Japan would only accept cattle from the U.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 31, 2014
2014 Farm Bill was, for the most part, completed last week and it appears that there was something in it for everyone, except for the meat business. After a huge legislative effort from major groups representing the cattle and meat industry, they were ignored at the end of the day.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 24, 2014
It was another wild record-setting week in the cattle and beef markets. The boxed beef cutout values moved over $240 on Choice product and $237 on Select trade volume was called moderate. Packers had to come to terms with paying as much as $150 for live fed cattle in the north and $239 for dressed CROW.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 17, 2014
After months of reduced feedlot placements, the decline in fed cattle production and beef supplies is finally coming home to roost. Live cattle prices reached a new all-time high last week with the bulk of fed steers trading at $140 to $141, and some cleanup trade as high as $145 live.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 10, 2014
There’s that word again— “sustainability”—and now McDonald’s is using it. I think I know how most ranchers define sustainability— the ability to make a profit from one year to the next. And if you look around, there are lots of ranches in this country with long productive histories.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 4, 2014
It’s going to be an interesting year for the beef import/ export business. USDA has forecasted that beef production will be down somewhere around 6 percent to 7 percent this year and that our beef exports will be down 6 percent. Beef production for 2013 finished out at.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Dec 27, 2013
The year 2013 will be one to remember for cow/calf producers. We had a recovering drought and calf prices had a record long rally starting in May and reached new highs right on to the end of the year. Who would have ever thought that 450-pound steer calves would bring over $1,000 a CROW.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Dec 13, 2013
Every industry has its activists, both pro and con. Last week, while watching the evening news, an ad about American farmers popped up. The ad was very well done and told consumers essentially who feeds them and the importance of respecting the farming community for doing such a good CROW.

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