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Livestock Industry Opinions
Nov 20, 2015
The USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) wants to add Namibia to the list of countries that can export to the U.S. The U.S. does represent one of the most robust markets for beef products in the world and it appears that every beef producing country wants a piece.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Nov 13, 2015
markets are on a terror and have sucked the life out of the cash cattle markets. Over the past six weeks we were down $20 on fed cattle, then we were up $20, and now we’re back down $20. I think we all expected some volatility in the market but this is CROW.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Nov 6, 2015
Risk management is a term you might forget about when it comes to the cattle business because there just isn’t any. The futures markets just don’t seem able to find value or price discovery. Last Wednesday all contracts were down the limit $4.50 for feeder cattle and $3 for live cattle.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Oct 23, 2015
It didn’t take the bull market players long to figure out that the cattle market bust came a bit too fast and went a bit too far. October cattle futures rallied back to $140. In just a week-and-a-half. Markets are the markets and there is no rhyme or reason as to where they go sometimes.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Oct 16, 2015
The Hammond family in Oregon must be in utter disbelief after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals demanded that Dwight and Steven go back to jail for the fires they were convicted in 2012 of setting. Time was already served by the pair and for some reason the Department of Justice (DOJ) simply.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Oct 9, 2015
Packers had a fire sale last Wednesday to clear inventories and moved 281 loads of beef in one day. The cutout dropped down to $203, but put on another dollar a day later. They were earning $90 a head at mid-week and cut the slaughter rates to shore up the cutout values.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Oct 2, 2015
So now we ask the question: Why? In the big picture there isn’t much more beef available than there was a year ago. I know that everyone is asking when we will hit the bottom and when will it come—obviously questions that no one really knows how to answer.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Sep 25, 2015
Cattlemen and natural resource users across the West dodged a bullet last week when Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell announced that the government would not be listing the greater sage-grouse as an endangered species. However, she did say that the BLM and Forest Service were going to go ahead.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Sep 11, 2015
The cattle markets have been adjusting over the past several weeks. Calf sellers were looking pretty good in early summer but cattle feeders finally realized that they just can’t spend as much for yearlings as they did a year ago. The August futures market was keeping a bit of a floor CROW.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Aug 21, 2015
The Animas River in Colorado is a beautiful place; my late son David was a river guide on it for a couple years. It’s a shame that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ruined it…for a while. The EPA was attempting to clean up the old Gold King Mine near Silverton and accidentally.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Aug 7, 2015
It is appears that the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule expanding the definition of waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) took a tumble last week. The Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) has refused to be associated with the EPA’s plan. Ironically, the Corps is the agency that must implement the EPA’s new plan, and they don’t seem to agree much with EPA.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Jul 31, 2015
The Livestock Publications Council (LPC) held their annual meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, to acknowledge and critique member publications and get to know colleagues who communicate to livestock producers around the nation. This group has been around for a while.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Jul 24, 2015
The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) and Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) set some lofty goals a couple weeks ago at their mid-year meeting in Denver. They released their new Long Range Plan (LRP) for the beef industry, as they have done every five years since 1990.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Jul 17, 2015
The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef held their first general assembly meeting last week in Denver during the NCBA midyear meeting. They have a basic operational structure nailed down and are open for business. Now they need to develop a plan to measure the industry.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Jul 2, 2015
We have one of those rare times when every organization representing agriculture agrees on an issue. The Obama administration announced last week that they will start to allow 14 regions of Brazil and Argentina to export fresh and frozen beef to the U.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Jun 26, 2015
At the CL Ranch just west of Calgary, the grass looked good to us but they said they had only an inch of rain since April. We were told if they didn’t get more rain soon it would be bone dry in 30 days. I’m happy to say that they received a good soaking the very next day.

Livestock Industry Opinions
Jun 12, 2015
eeder cattle markets had a nice rally last week with the August feeder cattle futures gaining nearly $4 for the week. Last Wednesday the contract finished the day at $226.77; Feb. 24 marked the low point at $196.87, so we’ve seen a 15 percent increase in the contract value.

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