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Livestock Industry Opinions
Jun 18, 2010
New research from Stanford University suggests that production agriculture has slowed down the pace of global warming. This bit of news should have the grow-local and organic-food wonks and the environmental global warming, anti-agriculture crowd wondering what just happened.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jun 11, 2010
Ethanol mandates have been a contentious issue over the past few years the and the run up in corn values in 2008 was very destructive to animal agriculture. It’s never been a secret that the majority of U.S. corn production has been sold as livestock feed, and when the federal
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jun 4, 2010
Do you ever wonder how the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) would do in China? Perhaps not so well, considering there are dogs on the menu in many restaurants. HSUS has been getting a lot of press lately and I’m sure it's press they would prefer
Livestock Industry Opinions
May 21, 2010
It’s good to see someone attempt to trim the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory wings regarding their haphazard determination that carbon dioxide (CO2) is an air pollutant. Sens. Lisa Murkowski, R-AK, and Blanche Lincoln, D-AR, have proposed a Resolution of Disapproval
Livestock Industry Opinions
May 7, 2010
Cattle feeders have been selling fed cattle between $98 and $102 for nearly four weeks in a row and the cash market is still leading the way. If you look at the deferred futures and consider current fed and non-fed cattle supplies, this market appears to have some sustainability. This may be a different
Livestock Industry Opinions
Apr 30, 2010
Futures markets have been kind to the beef business over the past few months. Sometimes I don’t think we would have had this kind of price discovery without the futures markets, but then again, cash did lead the futures market around for a few weeks. Feeder cattle markets were also pushed into very high
Livestock Industry Opinions
Apr 23, 2010
Retail meat markets are starting to respond with higher prices at the meat case. The recent rally in the cattle markets looks like it will stick around for awhile. The boxed beef cutout appears to have found its comfort level in the mid- to upper-$160 range for the Choice product last week and has been trading steady there.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Apr 16, 2010
I hate to say it, but what goes up usually comes down. The stock market has been on a roll in recent weeks and the Dow has passed that magical 11,000 mark, hopefully providing fuel for improved consumer attitudes and increased discretionary spending. On the other hand
Livestock Industry Opinions
Apr 9, 2010
The cash fed cattle market advanced to over $1 this last week, and the futures went up to $99.45. This positive basis should keep cattle moving. This is about as good as it gets. Reports are that feeders are clearing $150-$200 a head on current cattle. While the recent market
Livestock Industry Opinions
Apr 2, 2010
The cattle markets had a nice rally last week after throwing a head fake the prior week. August feeders ran up to $114.07 and cash sales from Superior's last video sale are supporting these futures markets to some degree; the feeder cattle index is still about $108.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 19, 2010
Two years ago, futures markets started to take off about this time of year. Grain, cattle and hog contracts took off like a rocket. Thoughts were that fed cattle would be in short supply and demand was pretty good. But, it just didn’t seem to make sense; the fundamentals
Livestock Industry Opinions
Mar 12, 2010
The past few weeks, there has been encouraging news about the assault on animal agriculture. The operators of Barnum and Baily Circus filed a racketeering suit claiming the Humane Society of the United States paid $190,000 to a witness to embellish his testimony
Livestock Industry Opinions
Feb 19, 2010
Cattle markets have been robust over the past few weeks; fed cattle should get close to $89-90 this week which is good news for many cattle feeders. However, I am sure they don’t like paying over $1 for feeder cattle again. Some of the cattle they placed from October through December should be making
Livestock Industry Opinions
Feb 12, 2010
USDA announced last week that they were altering their plans for the very unpopular National Animal Identification System (NAIS). When USDA held a series of producer input meetings last year, they certainly got an earful of negative responses. Therefore, USDA has decided to stop pursuing
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 29, 2010
The business of humanity doesn’t seem like it should be a business at all. But the Humane Society of the United States ( HSUS) has done just that, made it a business. HSUS has been a creative bunch when it comes to bending the public’s perception of agriculture. Last week, there were several announcements that
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 15, 2010
It would appear that the meat industry is in for some substantial growth in the years to come. Last week, the International Livestock Congress took place in Denver, CO, during the National Western Stock Show. Richard Brown, meat market analyst for international consulting firm GIRA, said that worldwide meat
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jan 8, 2010
The bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) incident of eight years ago was starting to look like just a bad dream, but it seems to keep coming back even though the U.S. has only two domestic cases recorded. It is such a small issue anymore for the U.S., it’s surprising that anyone would want to make an issue over it at all. However, that’s not the case

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