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Kris Ringwall, North Dakota State University

Livestock Industry Opinions
Nov 12, 2010
The call came late in the day after most people had left the office. Do you know who the calf carrying the electronic identification number 123123- 123123123 is? Would you have the calf in your database? These questions are asked often and involve the process of verifying a calf and crosschecking the database.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Nov 5, 2010
A common marketing claim is the source and age verification of calves. As producers gather cattle to go to market, they have the option to provide documentation to a third-party verifier that their calves are eligible to be source and age verified. Seems simple, and many producers are offering their calves as sourced and aged.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Sep 3, 2010
If one stands by the fence and discusses calving, most producers are sympathetic to the late- calving cow. At least she has a live calf, is the general response. That is true, but the challenge is to move beyond acceptance and perhaps refocus and rethink this subtle, but real acceptance of late-calving cows.
Livestock Industry Opinions
Jun 18, 2010
Weaning weight has moved up and down through the years, which is more than likely due to environmental factors. However, the most recent data gathered by the North Dakota Beef Cattle Improvement Associations Cow Herd Appraisal Performance System (CHAPS) program indicates a trend of increased 205-day calf weaning weight.
Livestock Industry Opinions
May 15, 2010
Several sets of cows have gone to cool-season grass. In fact, almost all the cows that are keepers at the center are on grass. Latercalving cows will sell at a pair sale in mid-May. This leaves cows that can maintain an early calving date within the herds expected calving season, which means pounds and dollars.

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